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DVD vs. Streaming

You’ll notice you have purchasing options on nearly all of the Finis Jhung Instructional Videos:

DVD is a hard-copy DVD that you will receive by mail.
STREAMING VIDEO is watched online. After checking out, your streaming purchases will be added to your account and may be found here.
DVD + Streaming means that you’ll receive both a DVD by mail and will also be able to watch online.

Important Note: Streaming videos do not offer the “Workout Mode” or “Nonstop Class” feature. You may skip to a particular exercise, but you can not automatically skip the instruction portion.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

”When I saw your videos with your adult students and saw their lines and gracefulness, I thought to myself ‘Wait - so it CAN be taught to EVERYONE, and that means I can learn it too.’ ... My teachers made me think it was me, that I had zero talent, and that I would never look as good as I want to ... Thank you for bringing a new approach to teaching and learning ballet.

— Gokce Ertas

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