Beginner Ballet Barre

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You will benefit most from this video if you have first studied and learned the fundamentals of ballet technique taught by Finis Jhung in Ballet Barre for the Adult Absolute Beginner. That video prepares you mentally and physically for this video, which is the second in Finis’s new ‘red’ series of barre videos for adult beginners. This class repeatedly reminds you to correctly align your supporting side from the shoulder to the toe so that you are always “on your leg” and ready to move. In addition, the exercises have been created with special emphasis on putting your brain into the free foot or position foot so that it works and moves with intelligence. In addition, you will be taught the correct way to plié-relevé so that you arrive on balance quickly with elegant ease. The difference in your dancing will be apparent to all, and then you will be ready to try the third level video in the “red” series, Ballet Barre Stretch & Strength.

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