Self-Massage with Finis Jhung (2016)

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Life Lessons from a Ballet Master.
Region One. 80 minutes. 13 Exercises.

  • Available as a DVD.
  • Available to Stream Instantly Online.


RELIEF IS ON ITS WAY! When you feel stiff and sore, your muscles are asking for help. They want to be touched and massaged. You may not be able to see a massage therapist when you need to, so it’s a good idea to know to make yourself feel better at home. Here are 13 different self-massage techniques using 15 different tools which you can apply whenever needed. Learn how you can massage and loosen the tight muscles that restrict movement and limit your activities. This video will show you how to get rid of those muscular roadblocks that pinch and pull, bother you during the day, and keep you awake at night. SO, LET THE RELIEF BEGIN!

Self Massage with Finis Jhung is a REGION ONE DVD.

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