Ballet for Life Podcast

Finis’s new Ballet for Life Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

About Ballet for Life : The Podcast

For the first time, dance legend Finis Jhung shares his incredible journey from a humble childhood amid the chaos of World War II Hawai’i to an extraordinary career as a dancer on Broadway, in film, and with the Joffrey and Harkness ballet companies and then as the founder of the critically acclaimed Chamber Ballet U.S.A.

Ballet for Life: A Pictorial Memoir is filled with nearly 300 gorgeous photos—most of them never before published-along with Finis’s own distinctively witty commentary on his personal and professional life and his intimate recounting of the freedom that he gained from his conversion to Buddhism 50 years ago. The memoir also lovingly pays tribute to many of the fascinating dance personalities whom Finis met along the way.

Today at the age of 83, Finis’s story continues as a much-sought-after master ballet teacher and coach, who imparts his own innovative ballet technique to dancers in New York City through popular classes and to dancers everywhere through a library of his own instructional videos and online classes.

The Voracious Student

Finis recently participated in Denis Lambert’s sensational The Voracious Student podcast where he discussed everything from his storied career to pivoting his teaching during the COVID pandemic.

Listen to the episode (and follow the podcast) at Apple Podcasts or Spotify — or on The Voracious Student website.