Absolute Beginner Ballet Group Class 1

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Demonstrated by Mizuyo Asakura, Caleena Chiang, Judy Levine, Byron Loyd, Yasmine Rana, Samantha Roldan, Sharon E. Sutton, Cherryl Thomas.
All Regions. 90 minutes.
14 Barre Exercises, 1 Stretch Exercise, 1 Free-Standing Exercise
CD Music by Scott Killian.


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Finis Jhung has finally done it! Now you can take class with Finis and eight of his “adult babies” even if you can’t get to New York City. This is a first-of-its-kind ballet instructional video for adults who have never studied ballet, but always wanted to. It doesn’t matter if you are 35 or 75. For the first time, in the privacy of your own home, take Finis’s class—the same class his students take in New York City. Learn the fundamentals of ballet technique, including important elementary exercises and useful terminology. You’ll get all the benefits: beautiful ballet posture, a strong core, and correct turnout and body alignment. Most important, you will get on your leg — that is, learn how to balance on one foot so you can learn more advanced movements including turns and jumps.

Cover photo by Stephen von der Launitz

  1. Stretches
  2. Posture
  3. Turnout, demi-plié, relevé balance
  4. Almost-isometric grand plié, relevé balance
  5. Almost-isometric grand plié, off the barre
  6. Shaping the arms and hands: port de bras
  7. Bend the body with port de bras
  8. Pointe tendu en croix, relevé, balance,
    practice spotting
  9. Pointe tendu en croix, relevé, balance,
    practice spotting, off the barre
  10. Battement tendu-dégagé to the side, cambré
    sideways, relevé balance, spot
  11. Battement tendu dégagé to the front & back,
    relevé balance, spot
  12. Rond de jambe à terre
  13. Battement tendu en croix, demi-plié in fifth
    position, spot
  14. Battement fondu en croix
  15. Center oor: contract & release
  16. Center oor: temps lié forward &
    back with poses
  17. BONUS: Meet the Students

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Play the DVD in 3 modes: Full Class, Individual Exercises or Workout Mode where you can run the exercises without instruction. Once you’ve learned the exercise and heard the instructions, you may want to go straight to the demonstration with music so you can have a work-out without interruption.

Available on these DVDs

  1. Absolute Beginner Ballet Group Class 1
  2. Beginner Ballet Barre
  3. Ballet Barre for the Adult Absolute Beginner
  4. Ballet Barre Stretch & Strength
  5. Basic Ballet Movement Skills 1
  6. Basic Ballet Movement Skills 2
  7. Basic Ballet Movement Skills 3
  8. The Boy Ballet Dancer
  9. The Center Floor Ballet Warm-up
  10. Get on Your Leg & Dance!
  11. Meditative Stretching
  12. The Ten-Minute Ballet Break
  13. The Ten-Minute Stretch Break
  14. Use Your Arms & Dance!
  15. Use Your Head & Turn!

The following DVDs don’t have the SPECIAL FEATURE but do allow you to skip the Instructions and go straight to the demonstration with music by using the SKIP FORWARD button:

  1. The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: Stretch, Turn-out, & Extension
  2. The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: The Power Barre

Streaming Playback

Streaming videos do not offer multiple playback modes. Each DVD chapter/exercise is presented as an individual video. To advance between chapters, the user is required to manually click the exercise video they wish to play. Unfortunately, auto-advance is not available at this time.

FIVE STARS! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU WANT A PAINLESS AND CONVENIENT WAY TO INTRODUCE BALLET INTO YOUR LIFE. The DVD can be purchased, and you can watch it at home when you want to exercise and see everything clearly on a large TV or computer screen. There is also a streaming version if you directly to the Finis Jhung website and don’t mind viewing it on a small phone and fewer viewing options, which is convenient for the gym. Best recommendation: Buy the DVD and bring it to the gym with a small DVD player or laptop! Ballet is beautiful. Finis Jhung speaks to both your body and your heart. The moment you follow his instructions, begin to sweat and see an elegant and quietly confident ballet dancer in the mirror, it makes this a worthwhile purchase. The best part is that the Finis Jhung school of ballet has TONS of videos from extreme beginner to extreme expert. There are entire videos that just focus on pirouettes. Super useful.”

—NYSailorScout. February 5, 2019

FIVE STARS! WONDERFUL TEACHING FOR ADULT BEGINNER BALLET. I do not have time to go to ballet class, so this made it convenient for me to play when I can make time. I love Finis Jhung and his videos are excellent. As an adult beginner, he is the best and most supportive teacher I’ve come across. Please keep making more ballet instructional videos!”

— Maryann. February 6, 2019

FIVE STARS! LEARN FROM A TRUSTED TALENT. I chose this video as a chance to return to this wonderful, healthy activity after PT and haven’t been disappointed. I still can’t believe I found out about Finis via the internet. I am not new to dance discovery. I left youth ballet classes at around age 10, picked it up again seriously ten years later, studied theory in college and wrote about dance for a long time. So, of course I went to many workshops and learned from a lot of teachers. This video brings back some of the best things about class from a devoted and generous one. Finis teaches that a basic community class can be diverse and friendly. He also makes dance accessible to everybody. Fantastic to have it. I’m very grateful for the egalitarian, delightful approach to movement Finis brings to the world.”

— Anne Pierce

FIVE STARS! FINIS IS THE BEST! This DVD is special. Finis takes you into class with his adult students and explains, in a clear and concise way, how to dance. Finis Jhung’s ballet class video, to me, profoundly demonstrates his knowledge of ballet fundamentals and his ability to impart this knowledge to dancers of all ages. In my opinion, Finis’s technique is immediately apparent in each of the adult students in the video. I am grateful he has chosen to share his insight with all aspiring dancers.”

— Dave. February 20, 2019

FIVE STARS! TO THE CORE! I have this belief that dancers walk more firmly and stay more youthful than other people. This is the absolute truth about Finis’s new DVD – Absolute Beginner Ballet Group Class 1. It goes right to the core of heart and mind, the source of happiness! I am one of the lucky ones who studies with Finis’s DVDs as well as takes his classes.

“I was impressed by how this group of adult students, of various ages execute movements and steps with knowledge, with correct posture to beautiful music, all in sync! They move gracefully under the scrutinizing eye of Finis Jhung. He explains and demonstrates all the exercises with precision. The core principles of his unique technique are presented – Number 1, the standing leg versus the working leg, the isometric plié, feeling and using the floor, fondu-relevé, etc. These students have the chance to understand the creation of movement as opposed to just imitate randomly. The viewer is invited into this process and consequently, is able to try on their own confidently. Yet, another distinctive feature of the class is Finis’s insistence on slow repetition of the exercises as well as filling the music with movement, in order to develop the strength, awareness and fluidity of dance. Again, I have to say that never have I seen a focus on artistry in absolute beginner classes I know of.

“Finally, as we age, muscle strength, correct posture and flexibility start to diminish. One will feel younger, stronger and definitely happier when learning how to dance, because we all know that a happy body makes for a happy mind. This DVD goes to the core of happiness! The interviews with the eight demonstrators in the class are a proof to these remarks.

I recommend this DVD wholeheartedly to all those who love to dance and are interested in understanding the logic of movement hidden to the uneducated eye.”

— Ileana L. Ray. February 3, 2019.

FIVE STARS! DEMOCRACY IN ACTION. The students in the group class video have decided to ignore the ballet dancer stereotype and pursue a life at the barre. They have turned ‘I always wanted to dance’ into ‘I’m dancing.’ Finis Jhung guides them through the exercises with a gentle but firm hand; his comments and directions are valuable for anyone at any level, but especially for absolute beginners. I wanted to be there doing the rond de jambes with them! This is a video for anyone who believes that classical dance is only for a select few. It makes it clear that ballet is for everyone.”

—Juno Beach. February 3, 2019.

FIVE STARS! Simply the best. For those of us who once enjoyed Finis’s classes in person, this video is an inspired choice. I moved from NYC in 2018 and have missed Finis’s classes every day since. The video is a perfect duplicate of what Finis does live — the careful explanations, the insightful corrections, and even the one-liners. For those of you who always wanted to dance or did dance years ago, Absolute Beginner Ballet Group Class 1 is a real gift. If you do exactly what he says, you will dance. No kidding! As Carly Simon once sang, ‘Nobody does it better!’ Get the video and see for yourself.”

—Regina H. Paul. January 27, 2019.

FIVE STARS! Fantastic! A ballet class for the rest of us! Finis Jhung’s Absolute Beginner Ballet Group Class is truly a unique and approachable class–whether you’re a dancer or not. You will come away with increased flexibility, better balance, and stronger feet. But you will also understand the ‘why’ behind every move—and that’s what makes Mr. Jhung’s approach unlike any other I’ve seen. Having taken ballet from childhood through college (more than 25 years ago!), the movements are familiar to me. But never before have I been taught the hidden movements behind the movements. This kind of awareness doesn’t just help you to dance—it spills over into the way you move through the world. Mr. Jhung teaches you each movement first, and then you join the class and actually execute that movement. Once you feel comfortable enough, you can opt take the class from start to finish, without the explanations.* Now, as a runner and walker, I’m adding this class into my workout routine two to three times a week—and it’s making a huge difference in the areas of balance, flexibility, and enhanced understanding and awareness of how of how to move mindfully! Note: For the exercises done at a ballet barre, I have been using the back of a chair, and it works just fine. A barre would be ideal, but don’t fret if you don’t have access to one. Highly recommend this, along with Jhung’s outstanding book, Ballet for Life!

—TED. January 29, 2019.

FIVE STARS! Balance Perfection. Finis Jhung is amazing! This DVD is the perfect answer for my balance issues. The music is beautiful, the instructions are clear and easy to follow with great options for how to view and learn. Bravo Finis.”

—Driftwood. January 25, 2019.

FIVE STARS! Ballet at home for the adult beginner. The mystery of why ballet dancers are able to move the way they do is unraveled by Finis Jhung in his new video Absolute Beginner Ballet Group Class 1. This remarkable teacher insists anyone at any age and any body type can learn to do ballet – if the desire to do so is strong. In this video, Finis provides demonstration, explanation and motivation, all in a series of lessons culminating in a beautiful sequence of ballet movements executed by eight of his students. Finis’s unique method of teaching evolved out of his years dancing with premier ballet companies and then decades more as a revered teacher in New York. Watch the video. Share with Finis his love of ballet. Participate in the class. As you do, you will understand what Finis means when he says- ‘And that’s what dancing is.’

—Arleen Lebe. January 25, 2019.

FIVE STARS! This is absolutely a wonderful video for adult beginners or any beginner dancers who want to develop their strength. It contains 14 barre exercises, 1 stretch and 1 center work. Finis demonstrates every exercise step by step. (literally!) Finis’s detailed explanations will make you understand not just what to do but how to do them properly rather than just mimicking the movements. These barre exercises may look very simple, but they will strengthen your core and develop the muscles one needs in order to practice ballet correctly and avoid unnecessary injuries. This video is a very helpful tool for those who teach absolute beginners. Finis clearly knows what adult beginners need to know, as is shown by his students in this video who dance beautifully and strongly as they listen and follow Finis’s instructions. Now you can have an inspiring ballet class with this world-renowned master teacher whenever you wish in your own home!

— Mayumi Omagari. January 26, 2019.

FIVE STARS! Finis Jhung does it again! Absolute Beginner Ballet Group Class 1 is quite an innovation in ballet technique DVDs. Usually they are demonstrated by professionals, or very advanced students, which, particularly in the case of adult ballet students can be a bit intimidating. Yes, it’s great to see it demonstrated brilliantly, but adults often think ‘well I could never do it like that.’ In this new DVD for beginning adult students, Finis Jhung has made it an actual class with REAL students. Every exercise is clearly and concisely explained by Finis and then done by the students, just as it happens in a regular ballet class. This is encouraging for students, or intending students watching, as they see people just like them are actually able to achieve these things. How it is not expected that they look like professionals, but that adults are still capable of doing incredible things with ballet if they are correctly taught. From a teacher’s point of view, a video like this gives great ideas of how and what to teach, as well as showing a real-life class situation with real students, just like theirs. If I was an adult contemplating taking up ballet classes, this would certainly give me the confidence to go and try a class. And with this video there is the ability for students to practice at home as they follow along. I look forward to seeing more DVDs along these lines.”

— Rosemary Robenn. January 22, 2019.

FIVE STARS! This is the DVD I have been waiting for! There is something so relatable about watching real students taking class, that makes you want to join in. I could definitely see myself fitting in with Finis’ group of adults. I am looking forward to more videos of ballet class with Finis. Well done!”

— Sylvia C Lausted. January 17, 2019.

FIVE STARS! Finis does it again! Finis is a master and has not only changed my way of dancing, but my way of teaching! Here is another wonderful class that is great not only for beginner adults but for any beginner ballet student. And with Finis warmth and sense of humor any ballet student-young or old will love it! Thank you, Finis! You are amazing!!!”

— Sharise P. January 21, 2019.

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