The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Level 1: Barrework for Beginners

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Level 1 Barrework for Beginners.
Taught by Finis Jhung

Level 1. All Regions DVD. 90 minutes. 17 exercises.


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From head to toe, Finis Jhung gives you a fresh new view of the essential ideas of classical ballet that will transform your physique — and your psyche. The emphasis here is on learning ballet from the inside-out. Instead of merely assuming textbook positions and memorizing terminology, all the exercises in this class are designed to develop kinesthesia — the sense that detects bodily position, weight, or movement of the muscles, tendons, and joints. Learn to “see and feel” what you are doing. Learn the “why and how” that create the “what.” Teachers have found that this class works wonders with younger students.

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“I wanted to just take the time and THANK YOU tremendously. I bought 3 different DVDs [FJBT Videos: Level 1 Barrework, Level 2 Centerwork, Stretch, Turnout & Extension] for my six-year-old daughter who absolutely loves ballet and dance. She currently dances competitively and I have to tell you in the weeks preceding her big dance competition I had her do your DVDs daily and she did amazingly. Her technique was critiqued as: ‘wow, such a graceful 6yr old and how wonderful that at six you understand some of the moves.’ Although she has ballet classes five days a week, I feel your videos are very simple to understand yet very educational on showing the importance of each step, count, the dos-and-don’ts, and the fact that my six-year-old can EASILY follow along with you is beyond amazing.

— Valerie, Las Vegas, NV

“I want to thank you with all my heart for sharing your gift with all of us. I have loved ballet my whole life. Although my family did their best, they could not afford to send me to lessons for long. I was a cadet at West Point between 1999 and 2002. I used to run 2 miles each way to dance with six year-olds. I wish I would have known you were only a train ride away. I have a very fragmented dance education, and you have helped me put those pieces together. This renewed dancing life has also very unexpectedly allowed me to heal some emotional wounds I suffered during my military times. I am so grateful. I live in a rural area and have opened a small dance studio with the hopes of hiring a teacher for my kids and their friends. I decided I would refresh and start teaching until I could find one. I’m still teaching confidently and happily because of your clear direction. I hope to attend your workshop next year.”

—Josie Posir

“Your ballet DVDs are the best I have ever found! They have helped to fill in some gaps in my ballet training and understanding. But I love watching all of your DVDs because the dancers who demonstrate are so inspiring to watch. I dream of someday attending one of your adult class sessions. Thank you for sharing your wealth of ballet knowledge with the rest of us.”

— Robin from Tennessee

“I own my own studio and your material really helps me find my way. I have so many unanswered questions and your videos always seem to answer them. I just came home from the studio—what a night! I applied the isometric plie to class. Oh my! I wanted to cry I was so happy. Their eyes twinkled when they felt what they were supposed to be doing! The ”oooohhhhssss” that came out of some of their mouths…the chins that were on the floor from the amazement at what they could do. They were excited. They began to apply it to so many things we’ve discussed. Thank you! ”

— Tricia Guenther, Studio Owner/Teacher, Dallas, TX

“I am the principal violist of a professional symphony orchestra. I have struggled with muscle imbalances and repetitive stress injuries due to playing for years, but things came to a head a year ago when I partially dislocated my right shoulder while performing in a concert. I was sent to physical therapy where in addition to working on strengthening my back and shoulders, I was hounded about posture. ‘Shoulders back!’ became my mantra, but I never really understood how I was supposed to stand. My shoulder has never really healed from the injury. I bought your Level 1: Barrework for Beginners DVD in an attempt to find a form of exercise that wouldn’t hurt my shoulder and or bore me. In the first exercise you talk about posture and give a very detailed explanation of how to stand. It was amazing. I got it! In the first few minutes of the DVD you were able to explain to me what the physical therapist failed to communicate in several in-person sessions. The amount of pain I feel has lessened tremendously already, just by consistently practicing the posture. Your ‘Number 1’ has replaced ‘Shoulders back!’ as my mantra. I was struggling with the idea of having to take extended time off from playing in order to heal. Now I have hopes that I will be able to continue performing for many years to come. Thank you so much!”

— Katy Gawne, Principal Violist, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra

“I have 2 of your DVDs and I want to tell you that I have never been disappointed. I watch them again and again. I dance with them, dissecting all the little subtleties which make this art form so beautiful. You are a patient and generous preceptor. Thank you too for all that you give to dancers and lovers of ballet even those who are very simple like myself. Thank you for releasing my lifelong dream from within.”

— Monica Keen, Crownsville, MD

“This DVD is great! You have a tremendous gift to be able to distill something so complex and to articulate it in a way that makes it accessible for beginners.” —Leslie Lin, Woodside, NY

“A few years ago, I was told that I wouldn’t be able to walk by the time I turned forty. I refused to listen, joined a ballet class and purchased your DVDs. I just adore your training methods. You leave nothing out, explaining everything, which for me is essential. I am still walking and am stronger then when I began. Thanks.”

— Rebecca Hart, Secretary to the Director or CE, Syracuse, NY

“If you have never stepped into a ballet class before, or if you are recovering from an injury, or if you are a professional wanting to realign your body and mind away from the pressures of performance, this video is a must. Finis Jhung incorporates the aesthetic of ballet with common sense and illustrates the healthful way to approach the ballet vocabulary. In addition, the structure of the class demonstrates the importance of lining up the body to support the ballet steps and stresses the importance of maintaining the posture, head, neck, shoulders – parts of the anatomy that are often overlooked in an effort to grind out multiple steps. For me, this calm and uncomplicated approach to presenting a ballet class is the one that guarantees improvement.”

— Phyllis Goldman, Dance Critic, Backstage Publications, New York, NY

“After an exhausting fourteen-hour work day I practiced with your Level 1 Barrework for Beginners, and couldn’t believe how I no longer felt tired but warm, relaxed, and able to concentrate again. Your way of teaching and explaining is what I have always longed for and missed in ballet classes. Thank you very, very much for making your experience and knowledge available to all of us around the world.”

— Beate Stüve-Brammen, Attorney, Munich, Germany

“Finis Jhung’s knowledge and understanding of ballet is remarkable and clearly expressed in this video class. Using his video has given me an entirely new ‘feeling’ about my own placement and technique, and has made significant changes in the way I now teach. Thank you, Finis!”

— Norma Hoffman, The Ballet Center Inc, Old Bethpage, NY

“Magic! The video is everything and more than I had hoped for.”

— Penny Sisto, Floyds Knobs, IN

“Bravo! This video offers such a new perspective at the barre, and I like that. Plus, it works!”

— Jennifer Blau, Director, Geneva Dance Centre, Geneva, NE

“Thank you for absolutely the most valuable lessons I have ever had.”

— Donna F. James, Dance Enthusiast, Wilmington, NC

“This video brought dance back into my life. Finis’s easy to understand techniques have inspired me and brought back that giddy feeling I get when I’m dancing.”

— Billi Siedlow, Artist, San Francisco, CA

“I’ve been using your Barrework for Beginners to start learning ballet. I really appreciate the systematic way you break down the movements to teach proper technique. And I appreciate finding such a good product directed towards adults, since most of the ballet studios I’ve seen offer very limited classes for adults new to ballet. I look forward to learning from your videos steadily to learn good ballet technique. Thanks very much.”

— Ratha Heyda, Medical Student, Duke University, Raleigh NC

“Been working with your DVDs for the past two weeks and it has changed me. I have been more focused and aware during my ballet classes and in everyday life. I love how you explain and teach the movements in sequences and it has slowed me down to think before I dance the move. Even my pointe work is getting better. Keep making the ballet world bigger and better!”

—Stasha Becker, US Army Europe

“I’m proceeding very carefully and slowly in ‘rehab-ing’ my sprained ankle with your barre videos. The detailed way that you work the feet and our weight is having a very good effect on my foot. I am so grateful! After I do just those 5 exercises, my foot starts to feel more pliable and alive again. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING ALL THESE RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO US!”

— Polly Bloomberg, Berkeley, California

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