Use Your Arms and Dance!

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Intensify & Magnify Your Movement.
Taught by Finis Jhung.

Levels 2 & Up. All Regions DVD. 91 minutes. 13 exercises.


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Good dancers move and work their arms as they dance across the floor, they don’t “hold” static positions. Never-ending energy pulsates from their fingers to their toes. Their dancing has intensity and rivets our attention because they are so deeply involved with how they balance their legwork with their arms. Most important is the fact that they use their arms to facilitate the movements of their feet and legs, which in turn magnifies their movements. New York City Ballet Soloist Antonio Carmena demonstrates beautifully. The CD music is by Scott Killian.


  1. Plié, stretch, relevé
  2. Demi-plié, tendu, stretch
  3. Developpé, fondu


  1. Grand battement
  2. Pas de basque, attitude, soutenu, pas de bourrée
  3. Grand port de bras, arabesque, attitude promenade, developpé, pas de bourrées
  4. Passé par terre en avant, temps lié, tendu pose
  5. Piqué arabesque, tombé arabesque, soutenu
  6. Walk on half-toe, fondu, temps lié, tombé, pose
  7. Relevé écarté devant, 1st arabesque, relevé derrière, pas de bourrées
  8. Tendus, pas de bourrée, echappe sauté, Italian changement
  9. Jeté dessus, temps lié, pose
  10. Sauté, chassé

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Play the DVD in 3 modes: Full Class, Individual Exercises or Workout Mode where you can run the exercises without instruction. Once you’ve learned the exercise and heard the instructions, you may want to go straight to the demonstration with music so you can have a work-out without interruption.

Available on these DVDs

  1. Absolute Beginner Ballet Group Class 1
  2. Beginner Ballet Barre
  3. Ballet Barre for the Adult Absolute Beginner
  4. Ballet Barre Stretch & Strength
  5. Basic Ballet Movement Skills 1
  6. Basic Ballet Movement Skills 2
  7. Basic Ballet Movement Skills 3
  8. The Boy Ballet Dancer
  9. The Center Floor Ballet Warm-up
  10. Get on Your Leg & Dance!
  11. Meditative Stretching
  12. The Ten-Minute Ballet Break
  13. The Ten-Minute Stretch Break
  14. Use Your Arms & Dance!
  15. Use Your Head & Turn!

The following DVDs don’t have the SPECIAL FEATURE but do allow you to skip the Instructions and go straight to the demonstration with music by using the SKIP FORWARD button:

  1. The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: Stretch, Turn-out, & Extension
  2. The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: The Power Barre

Streaming Playback

Streaming videos do not offer multiple playback modes. Each DVD chapter/exercise is presented as an individual video. To advance between chapters, the user is required to manually click the exercise video they wish to play. Unfortunately, auto-advance is not available at this time.

I’ve been doing your DVDs with my mother in her 60s. It’s helping her out a lot with learning to keep her balance and have good posture. Even the slightest movements have helped strengthen her muscles. We love you.”

— Trula Hudelson

“I have been training with your videos now for a year and a half; six days (sometimes seven) each week. Because of your training and techniques, I have been able to improve my own technique. At age 46, I have become a better dancer and teacher. I apply your techniques in all my classes, whether they be ballet, jazz, tap or hip-hop. After all, a turn is a turn, no matter the dance idiom. My classes run a little slower than they used to, but I prefer quality rather than quantity and my students seem to really enjoy the process and are learning the proper way to do things. Most importantly, they are understanding the reason why they do what they do. I want my students to dance ‘clean’ and don’t just ‘shake it and fake it.’ You are my hero and I want to be the teacher you are! I have gone through almost all your DVDs and have now begun learning from your pointe package. I can’t wait!”
p style=”text-align:right;”>— Sharise Parvise, Studio Sharise, San Jose, CA

“In my past I have done hundreds of pique arabesques and, often, was not quite sure if I would end up on balance or not. On some level I accepted that pique arabesques were just one of those things in life which were a gamble! Finis Jhung’s DVD, Use Your Arms & Dance! explains how this does not have to be. ‘Lead with the toes not the nose,’ he says.

“As in all his DVD’s, Finis Jhung not only has many important lessons that are demonstrated and explained but also he never seems to run out of ‘pearls of wisdom’ that sum up the essence of what he teaches. Here are a few from this DVD: ‘Toe and back arm balance the pique arabesque.’ (!) ‘Both arms are active even if, seemingly, they are in a pose.’ ‘Carve the space with your arms.’ ‘Push arms through the air.’ ‘Arms are the extension of the breath.’ ‘Energy flowing out of the eyes, as well.’ ‘Intensely magnify the movement.’ ‘Arms initiate the movement.’(!)

“As with all pearls of wisdom, the words need to be experienced. To hear them and understand them is only the first step. Arm movements should NOT be add-ons or after thoughts as they were, too often, in my training. I love this DVD. Check it out and experience, more fully, the title: Use Your Arms & Dance!”

— Marie Paquette-Nesson

Thank goodness there is some instruction on what to do with arms. I am an adult beginner and always lose my way in class when it comes to arms”

— Robert Herbst, Chicago, IL

“I just have to let you know how thrilled I am with this video. What a beautiful display of grace and fluidity! Some of the movements I admire but don’t imitate (such as the backbends) but everything is inspiring and encourages me to do as much as I can.”

— Laura Fasick, Moorehead, MN

“This DVD is an excellent addition to the catalogue of resources that are available for dancers and teachers. The instructions for each lesson are clearly presented and the movements well demonstrated. I first watched all of the lessons to become familiar with the content and joined in when I could. Now I am working my way through each lesson in more detail. Usually I concentrate on one lesson at a time, and when I can, I go through the lesson with the music only. It is easy to gain a sense of working in a studio situation and this helps maintain interest and motivation. The interview included in the DVD is very informative and the Workout Mode feature will be most helpful once I am more fluent with each of the lessons. The variety of tempos and rhythms of the music keeps me on my toes and the cheerful and professional discussion of the different elements of the movements highlights the essential creative qualities of the presentation. I can feel that my dancing is improving each time I practice and I am enjoying the process very much.”

— Judith Chestnut, Erina, New South Wales, Australia

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