Scott Killian: New Ballet Music 13 – “Inspirations”


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24 Original Orchestrated Barre & Center Exercises. 13 barre, 11 center exercises. Extra long tracks. No repeats. Scott has surpassed himself and made music we never imagined. How does he do it? Where does it come from? As soon as you hear the introduction to each piece, you know that this is the music that makes you dance. As some of you may already know, each orchestrated CD is based on the Finis Jhung Ballet Technique class and is, therefore, a collaboration between Scott and Finis. When Scott thinks of a melodic idea for an exercise, he e-mails it to Finis, who listens to it and decides where and how it will work best in the album. Scott then completes the composition and sends it back to Finis for final approval. The back-and-forth communication between two extremely busy individuals generally takes place over many months. This particular CD took 14 months! We hope you like it.

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“This is such an inspiring set of beautiful tracks!”

— Ione Barczak, Ballet Mistress, City Ballet, Auckland, New Zealand

“I always love your music. It inspires me when I teach.”

— Nancy Loch, Ballet Conservatory teacher and Asst Director of Lake Cities Ballet Theatre, Lewisville, TX

“This CD is a masterpiece! The tempos are clean and clear; the adagios are heart-opening and soulful; the allégros are spunky and charming, some with happy bucolic melodies and springy rhythms; and underlying it all is Scott Killian’s driving, energetic passion to create new music for today’s ballet students. I see a story—as in a classical ballet— in every selection, making this CD a wonderful tool for teaching ballet movements and artistic expressivity. Teachers and students are sure to have tremendous fun as they continue along their journey of learning ballet!”

— Bette Prinsen, Ballet Teacher, New York NY