Basic Ballet Movement Skills Lesson 3

Basic Ballet Movement Skills: Lesson 3

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The Balancé: Sideways,
Backward, Forward, and Turning
Taught by Finis Jhung.

ALL LEVELS. ALL REGIONS DVD. 72 minutes. 17 exercises.


Earn up to 52 FJ Rewards.


In ballet class, whenever the music is in 3/4, the balancé is frequently used to dance into various poses, turns, and jumps. This quintessential ballet step is usually done quickly without instruction, which can make it a “mystery” step. But not for long, because in this long-awaited video Finis Jhung and NYCB soloist Antonio Carmena show you how to do it, count by count, in various directions, at three speeds: slow, medium, fast. The music that makes you want to dance is by Scott Killian. And dance you will!

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