The Art of Teaching Barre

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Taught by Finis Jhung.

All Levels. All Regions DVD. 90 minutes. 12 chapters, 11 exercises.


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Finis Jhung reviews all the basic points of teaching barre to both beginners as well as advanced students. He tells you everything he’s observed during his long career of teaching professionals and amateurs in New York City. The bottom line is, you’ve got to have a leg to stand on. Most teachers tend to focus on foot positions and the working leg; as a result, their students develop poor habits which weaken the supporting side and adversely affect the center work. Here are The Rules of Barrework which will help you avoid the most common mistakes. This detailed, comprehensive guide will give you the “teacher’s eye” that sees problems before they happen. Learn to see and teach what really matters. The piano music is by Anna Korab.

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“I want to thank you with all my heart for sharing your gift with all of us. I have loved ballet my whole life. Although my family did their best, they could not afford to send me to lessons for long. I was a cadet at West Point between 1999 and 2002. I used to run 2 miles each way to dance with six year-olds. I wish I would have known you were only a train ride away. I have a very fragmented dance education, and you have helped me put those pieces together. This renewed dancing life has also very unexpectedly allowed me to heal some emotional wounds I suffered during my military times. I am so grateful. I live in a rural area and have opened a small dance studio with the hopes of hiring a teacher for my kids and their friends. I decided I would refresh and start teaching until I could find one. I’m still teaching confidently and happily because of your clear direction. I hope to attend your workshop next year.”

—Josie Posir

“I have been training with your videos now for a year and a half—six days (sometimes seven) each week. Because of your training and techniques, I have been able to improve my own technique. At age 46, I have become a better dancer and teacher. I apply your techniques in all my classes, whether they be ballet, jazz, tap, or hip-hop. After all, a turn is a turn, no matter the dance idiom. My classes run a little slower than they used to, but I prefer quality rather than quantity and my students seem to really enjoy the process and are learning the proper way to do things. Most importantly, they are understanding the reason why they do what they do. I want my students to dance ‘clean’ and don’t just ‘shake it and fake it.’ You are my hero and I want to be the teacher you are! I have gone through almost all your DVDs and have now begun learning from your pointe package. I can’t wait!”

— Sharise Parvise, Studio Sharise, San Jose, CA

“Your work on these DVD’s is remarkable. I count on the no nonsense corrections that you make w/ the student. I’ve been teaching ballet for almost the last 30 years. My own training was excellent. However, it’s extremely refreshing to learn that good teaching still leads to sound ballet technique. Thank you for the great insight.”

— Virginia Zellner, Studio D, Sherman, CT

“The clarity of the ideas, the rooting out of the essential in The Art of Teaching videos is amazing. It has helped me immensely to focus and to get to the root of so many other problems. It is just like a shot in the arm. So thank you, Finis, from myself and all the Parisian dancers for your generosity, brilliant analysis, and intelligent approach. I find myself stimulated and renewed and practically run to the studio each morning because I am so excited about sharing your marvelous ideas.”

— Wayne Byars, Professeur de Danse Classique, Paris, France

“I have been re-viewing your ‘Art of Teaching’ videos several times, and each time, I hear something new. Your teaching methods are so progressive that the student and teacher constantly have new elements with which to work. Your concepts take everything to a new level. Your techniques are very natural, thus very liberating, allowing the dancer to become the dance.”

— Melinda Delgado, Ballet Instructor, Montana Ballet School, Bozeman, MT

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