The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: The Power Barre

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Essential Exercises for Strength & Control.
Taught by Finis Jhung

Level 2 & Up. All Regions DVD. 90 minutes. 18 exercises.


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As you do these exercises on a portable barre in front of the mirror you will be encouraged to use the barre by pressing down on it with your hands. This will energize your shoulder and supporting arm, strengthen your posture, and help you to balance the movement of your legs and feet in center floor. You will also be instructed to keep your head turned toward yourself in the mirror so that you check your placement, alignment, and execution while you develop correct body positions—éffacé, croisé, and écarté. All pliés (except for stretches) are to be performed with opposition and resistance, which will strengthen your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and core. The fondu relevé exercises develop proper placement, balance, and the foot-ankle-knee strength which is necessary in order to correctly execute most poses, turns, and jumps. Learning to plié and relevé correctly on one foot is the determining factor in how quickly you will advance and how far you will go. The CD music is by Scott Killian.

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“If you are having difficulty deciding which Finis video to purchase, I highly recommend this one. Two things that really help – since you are not technically in a ‘class’ situation, doing the work facing the barre gives you a great advantage when you are looking at yourself in the mirror. Most people don’t have a full wall of mirrors in their home so even a door mirror will work when facing the barre. The second thing is that for many of these exercises, you then do them away from the barre. So you immediately translate the strength you have built at the barre into actual application in the center. This is huge.
“This video also has a fabulous progression through some of the most important positions in ballet, going from tendu to fondu – great arabesque and attitude work, both on flat and in relevé. All of which leads up to important pirouette practice. At the barre so you can gain confidence and build step-by-step. This video is a must have!

Lisa Niemeier

“Anyone not familiar with Finis Jhung’s teaching would be forgiven for thinking that this DVD, The Power Barre, would include holding one’s leg in the air until the thigh muscle begins trembling. And, although most teachers say not to grip the barre, I am sure that I was not the only one who had secret calluses on their hands working on such a feat.

“The barre described and demonstrated in this DVD is not that. It is, however, transformative. From the shoulder, back and arm strength gained from a brilliantly different way to ‘hold’ the barre to approaching the plié as an isometric movement, the body will strengthen in a way that will make the steps in the center a natural progression.

“To demonstrate that kind of strength Finis Jhung grasps a bar with both hands and does a pull-up! ‘What?’ I am thinking. He then explains how it was body strength which began the pull-up—and, as a RESULT, the elbows bent. The elbows did not pull him up. Such is how the knees should bend! The barre continues from there. I would give this DVD a 10 star rating if I had the option.

— Marie Paquette-Nesson

“Finis Jhung’s video The Power Barre emphasizes the importance of barre exercises as the foundation for dancing beautifully with strength and control. Each exercise convincingly shows us how important the placement of the body is, or how using each part of the body in a certain way and sequence builds the strength needed for dancing with ease in center floor. Each exercise at the barre will find its replica in center floor, says Finis Jhung. When the student practices with this awareness of how barre movements evolve into center floor movements, the muscle memory is internalized and movements, steps and poses become automatically correct and beautiful.

“Unlike traditional classes where the barres are either mounted on walls or placed in parallel with students on both sides, Finis places the barre facing the mirror and asks the student to constantly observe what they do so they may correct themselves all along. This is of tremendous help because it teaches the student how to face the audience or on diagonal correctly. The demonstrator is principal dancer and star of The American Ballet Theater, Isabella Boylston. It is fascinating to watch Isabella’s genuine interest in learning from Finis. Her execution is flawless, which makes it easier for the student to learn how to use the natural turnout and maintain it throughout the exercise, how to do the isometric plie, how to place and use that all-important supporting arm on the barre and, most important, how to fondu and relevé correctly. In addition, Finis teaches musicality and phrasing.

I love this video because it is so original in teaching one how to work at the barre using the mirror. I strongly recommend this video to students of any level interested in becoming — exactly as the title says — a powerful dancer.”

— Ileana L. Ray – Brooklyn, New York

“I own my own studio and your material really helps me find my way. I have so many unanswered questions and your videos always seem to answer them. I just came home from the studio—what a night! I applied the isometric plie to class. Oh my! I wanted to cry I was so happy. Their eyes twinkled when they felt what they were supposed to be doing! The ”oooohhhhssss” that came out of some of their mouths…the chins that were on the floor from the amazement at what they could do. They were excited. They began to apply it to so many things we’ve discussed. Thank you!”

— Tricia Guenther, Studio Owner/Teacher, Dallas, TX

“What I like most about this class is that it really gets you moving while still at the barre. The grand battement exercise with the step forward is fun and the way it is taught made a big difference to how I actually did the exercise. I like how Finis uses sound words to help with the imagery of how the movement goes. He is proof that teaching dance is as much an art as it is a technical skill. Isabella is lovely in her demonstrations of the exercises and is a good example to follow. During my last session with this class I succeeded in overcoming my fear of turning with my weight on my left leg. Since an injury quite a few years back (pre Finis videos) I’ve tried to avoid such turns in fear of falling. Each time I have done this class I have learnt something new.”

— Judith Chestnut, NSW, Australia

“I did the Power Barre 2 in our big studio with the computer hooked up to the good speakers and it was like having you here. What a lovely way to start the day at the studio.”

— Shannon Cullem-Chipman, Director/Owner, International Academy of Dance, Santa Cruz, CA

“This is one of the most useful barres I have ever taken. When I have used it in my teaching, students reacted very positively. It helps people connect their bodies, weight and energy flow to the proper execution of ballet steps. Very empowering. Thank you.”

— Isabella Scapini-Burrell, LCSW-C, R-DMT, MD

“I have been teaching for the past 25 years, and I find your DVDs a breath of fresh air and proof you should never stop learning! I wish every instructor/choreographer would take advantage of the wisdom you pass on in your DVD’s. You are truly a teachers Teacher.”

— Debbie Berry, Dance Repertoire, West Allis, WI

“I find your system so masterfully composed. It creates the inner core balance. This in turn strengthens the most essential elements to provide dancers the confidence and security they require to perform to their highest potential!”

— Jacinta Walsh, Ballet Teacher, Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, Melbourne, Australia

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