The Thinking Dancer: Dancing in the Center – Basic Ballet 9 (1995)


Taught by Finis Jhung.

Levels 2 & Up. All Regions DVD. 100 minutes. 12 exercises.


If you are looking for new ideas for center work or choreography, or you just want to dance until you drop, this is for you. Finis Jhung has choreographed a variety of combinations, some 32 counts, on one of the most elegant dancers you’ll ever see, Noriko Naraoka. From adagio to grand allegro, tango to mazurka, Finis shows you step-by-step how to dance to the inspiring music of Bill Brown.  After Noriko demonstrates the combination, Finis analyzes and corrects, and she repeats. Notice how she improves with each correction. An added plus is a detailed breakdown on fouetté and piqué turns. Shall we dance?

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