Get On Your Leg & Dance!

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Increase Your Strength, Speed & Control.
Taught by Finis Jhung.

All Levels. All Regions DVD. 46 minutes. 15 exercises.


Earn up to 33 FJ Rewards Points.


Learn to step into the air and over-cross your glissade so you strike beautiful poses on flat, half-toe and in the air with speed and elegance. Each exercise teaches you how to correctly plié and relevé on one leg so you develop the muscular strength you need to have so that you can maximize your range of movement while avoiding injury. Finis Jhung breaks down each exercise in detail and then it is superbly demonstrated by Antonio Carmena, soloist of The New York City Ballet, whose “beautiful line and astounding jumps” says The New York Times, are nothing short of “revelatory.” The CD music is by Scott Killian.

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“After applying what I learned and then taught from studying this video, one of my adult students exclaimed, ‘I feel like I can actually move across the floor now! I’m going to send my gymnast daughter here for help with her floor work.’”

— Joyce DiLauro, Director, Starship Dance, Guilford, CT

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