The Male Ballet Dancer (2006)

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Taught by Finis Jhung.

All Levels. All Regions DVD. 54 minutes. 17 exercises.

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Get ready for a jaw-dropping, eye-popping experience as you watch Gold-Silver-Bronze Medalist Joseph Michael Gatti perform the variations from The Black Swan and Le Corsaire and then show “How It’s Done” with Finis Jhung. Here is a thrilling display of the male bravura technique — all the virtuoso steps that stop the show and make audiences stand and cheer. Joe’s ability to turn is uncanny — he finishes most all his turns, including 9 pirouettes – on demi-pointe. His air turns are big and juicy, and his “trick” jumps are electrifying. Movement-by-movement, Finis and Joe go through all the steps and break down the preparations and main ideas. To help you better understand the mechanics of turns and jumps, Finis uses his teaching toys. This video is a Winner! The piano music is played by Ron Musicus.

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