Try the Ten-Minute Ballet Break Free!

Enjoy the first four exercises for FREE!

Awaken your body and refresh your mind with these short bouts of ballet dancing that don’t require any warm-up. You’ll get warmed-up naturally as you dance your way through these short, choreographed exercises. Finis Jhung breaks down each exercise and then it is demonstrated by Antonio Carmena, former New York City Ballet soloist. To dance is to live!

2 thoughts on “Try the Ten-Minute Ballet Break Free!

  1. My students really enjoy Ballet Breaks; a great way to warm up before class, as well as an opportunity for the dance students to express their dance quality without intricate steps.
    On dance display events, to gain the audience’s interest, I use Ballet Breaks as an introduction to showing the students class work.
    Ann Mader
    Dance Movement Creative

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