The Art of Pointework Level 2

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Taught by Finis Jhung.

Level 2. All Regions DVD. 47 minutes. 18 exercises.

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Finis explains each exercise and tells you how it should be done, then Ashlee Knapp demonstrates in her inimitable way. She is an absolute delight! Watch how beautifully she works her legs and feet, and how she moves with musical precision and lyrical delicacy. Slowly and surely, Finis and Ashlee take you through each exercise, giving you all the important ideas you need to know so that you will steadily improve and dance like a pro. Learn to talk with your feet, as Ashlee does. It’s magic time!

  1. Rolling up & down, feet parallel
  2. Rolling up & down. 1st & 2nd positions
  3. Rolling up in plié. 1st & 2nd positions
  4. Combining exercises 2 & 3
  5. Demi & grand pliés, relevés. 1st, 2nd, 5th positions
  6. Plié, relevé, balance. 1st position
  7. Tendu, relevé, demi plié en croix
  8. Quick relevés from 3/4 to full pointe. 1st & 2nd positions
  9. Sous-sus, placing the feet in 5th position
  10. Battement tendu, plié, relevé in 4th position
  11. Échappé sur les pointes, sous-sus
  12. Piqué pas de bourrée, couru
  13. Échappé sur les pointes, sous-sus, pique pas de bourrée
  14. Échappé, plié in second, sous-sus, pique pas de bourrée

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Play the DVD in 3 modes: Full Class, Individual Exercises or Workout Mode where you can run the exercises without instruction. Once you’ve learned the exercise and heard the instructions, you may want to go straight to the demonstration with music so you can have a work-out without interruption.

You can find this feature on these videos.

The following DVDs don’t have the SPECIAL FEATURE but do allow you to skip the Instructions and go straight to the demonstration with music by using the SKIP FORWARD button:

  1. The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: Stretch, Turn-out, & Extension
  2. The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: The Power Barre

Streaming Playback

Streaming videos do not offer multiple playback modes. Each DVD chapter/exercise is presented as an individual video. Once you complete an exercise, the next will play automatically. There is currently no “workout mode” available for streaming.

I’ve been doing your DVDs with my mother in her 60s. It’s helping her out a lot with learning to keep her balance and have good posture. Even the slightest movements have helped strengthen her muscles. We love you.”

— Trula Hudelson

“I returned to ballet about a year ago after being away from it for a very long time. I wanted to let you know how much your DVDs have helped and encouraged me in this pursuit. All of the dancers in the videos dance beautifully and are so helpful to watch. Your turning technique has enabled me to start nailing my double turns and the pointework DVDs have given me the practice I needed to move up to the next level of pointe class. I will be performing with my daughter in a recital next weekend — the first for me since I was a child. Coming back to ballet has enriched my life in so many ways and I have enjoyed every minute of it.”

— Leslie Miller, Adult Student, College Station, TX

“This DVD is wonderful! Your ideas and work are so helpful to all of us in the ballet world—teachers, dancers, and ballet enthusiasts/amateurs like myself.”

— Dr. jur. Xiaobing Yang-Benckendorff, Management Consultant, Frankfurt, Germany

“The Art of Pointework videos are a wonderful asset to our school. Utilizing the techniques, I am seeing a marked improvement in strength and correction of rolling over, as well as better balance, which ultimately will strengthen center work and pirouettes. The placement exercises are especially excellent! Thank you for this wonderful series.”

— Pamella McReynolds, Ballet Mistress,
In Motion Dance Center and Fauquier County Ballet Theatre,
Warrenton & Culpeper, VA

“This is a lovely, wonderfully explained class with answers to the usual questions, plus extra exercises to strengthen the feet that are useful to absolutely anyone.”

— Ione Barczak, Ballet Mistress, City Dance & City Ballet, Auckland, New Zealand

“These are the best videos I have ever seen. They are thoughtfully planned, and demonstrated. It’s like having an Intensive Teacher Training Seminar right in your own home.”

— Jane Coyle, The Highland School of Ballet, Lakeland, FL

“This video provides a wonderful introduction to pointework for the absolute beginner. Starting with the importance of the shoes being properly fitted, it covers everything from how to tie the pointe ribbons, to how to pad the toes, to how to break-in the shoes. The video then provides a substantial and varied group of exercises. Many of these involve pliés and relevés in various positions, which increase the strength of foot muscles, while emphasizing how essential it is to be able to roll smoothly from 1/2 toe to 3/4 toe to pointe. Toward the end of the teaching session, the exercises become more complex, combining pique steps and pas de bourrées. This provides the new pointe student with the delightful feeling of dancing at the barre, rather than just performing exercises. This DVD is very informative and lots of fun. The exercises are well-explained, beautifully demonstrated, and accompanied by rich and pleasing music.”

— Carol Garmiza, Adult Student, New York, NY

“Been working with your DVDs for the past two weeks and it has changed me. I have been more focused and aware during my ballet classes and in everyday life. I love how you explain and teach the movements in sequences and it has slowed me down to think before I dance the move. Even my pointe work is getting better. Keep making the ballet world bigger and better!”

— Stasha Becker, US Army Europe

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