The Art of Pointework Level 4 (2001)

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Taught by Finis Jhung.

Level 3 & Up. All Regions DVD. 7 exercises in real time, slow motion, and freeze frame.

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Reviewing the debut of Michele Wiles as the ballerina in Balanchine’s Theme & Variations at The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, Jennifer Dunning of the New York Times said “Ms. Wiles tore through the demanding ballet like a colt, newly released and running free . . . her big open torso and appetite for space were a pleasure.” Now, we’re talking Balanchine, which is the fastest pointework on earth. How does Michele do it? What enables her to dazzle the audience and critics? This video shows you the “secrets.” You’ll be amazed when you see what Michele does in slow motion, close-up, and freeze frame. The beauty and precision of her pointe work is riveting and eyeopening. Finis analyzes all of her movements, so that you can understand and apply what you see and hear. Tobi Tobias of New York Magazine said that Michele is “a big, bold blonde on her way to stardom.” If you’d like to get reviews like that, I’d study this video seriously. The CD music is by Scott Killian.

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