The Art of Pointework Level 4

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Taught by Finis Jhung.

Level 3 & Up. All Regions DVD. 7 exercises in real time, slow motion, and freeze frame.


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Reviewing the debut of Michele Wiles as the ballerina in Balanchine’s Theme & Variations at The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, Jennifer Dunning of the New York Times said “Ms. Wiles tore through the demanding ballet like a colt, newly released and running free . . . her big open torso and appetite for space were a pleasure.” Now, we’re talking Balanchine, which is the fastest pointework on earth. How does Michele do it? What enables her to dazzle the audience and critics? This video shows you the “secrets.” You’ll be amazed when you see what Michele does in slow motion, close-up, and freeze frame. The beauty and precision of her pointe work is riveting and eyeopening. Finis analyzes all of her movements, so that you can understand and apply what you see and hear. Tobi Tobias of New York Magazine said that Michele is “a big, bold blonde on her way to stardom.” If you’d like to get reviews like that, I’d study this video seriously. The CD music is by Scott Killian.

  1. Soutenu, pas de bourrée suivi en tournant
  2. Pas de bourrée dessus-dessous, simple & en tournant
  3. Échappé, sous-sus, tombé relevé arabesque
  4. Fondu relevé développé a la seconde & quatrième devant, pas de bourrée
  5. En de hors pirouette from 4th position
  6. Châinés, balancés, piqué pirouette en dehors
  7. Continuous pirouettes from 5th position

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Play the DVD in 3 modes: Full Class, Individual Exercises or Workout Mode where you can run the exercises without instruction. Once you’ve learned the exercise and heard the instructions, you may want to go straight to the demonstration with music so you can have a work-out without interruption.

You can find this feature on these videos.

The following DVDs don’t have the SPECIAL FEATURE but do allow you to skip the Instructions and go straight to the demonstration with music by using the SKIP FORWARD button:

  1. The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: Stretch, Turn-out, & Extension
  2. The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: The Power Barre

Streaming Playback

Streaming videos do not offer multiple playback modes. Each DVD chapter/exercise is presented as an individual video. Once you complete an exercise, the next will play automatically. There is currently no “workout mode” available for streaming.

I’ve been doing your DVDs with my mother in her 60s. It’s helping her out a lot with learning to keep her balance and have good posture. Even the slightest movements have helped strengthen her muscles. We love you.”

— Trula Hudelson

“Michele Wiles dances so beautifully and is a perfect example for amateurs like me. I especially like your new method of teaching which shows the dancer in slow motion footage while you explain the technical points. While I have excellent teachers here in Germany, I turn to your videos in order to learn the reasons why things are done in a certain way. I love to exercise together with a real ballerina under your intelligent training at home. Finally, I can look at your videos whenever I want. I am learning how to stand, walk, run and turn correctly. Thanks to your creative way of teaching ballet, I feel like I would be a ballerina: beautiful, lovely, noble, elegant, and graceful. Thank you.”

— Dr. jur. Xiaobing Yang-Benckendorff, Management Consultant, Frankfurt, Germany

“I have never seen anyone hammer home with such clarity the tenets of good pointe technique. I like how Finis makes it clear that this is about dancing, and not just placement and positions. He clears up any questions you might have about the execution of a step. He removes the ‘smoke and mirrors’ of technique, and shows the nuts and bolts, while still giving you a greater appreciation of the work that is involved and the art that is ballet.”

— Rebecca Witjes, Instructor, Santa Monica College, Santa Monica Dance Studio, Ballet by the Sea, Malibu, CA

“I think that your approach to the audio-visual instruction is unique and superior to any that I have seen to date . . . Thank you for helping me to remember that technique can be taught, and can feel natural.”

— Alora Haynes, Santa Fe Community College Dance Department, Gainesville, FL

“This video is similar in format to its companion video, The Art of Pointework Level 3, but its use of small jumps and turns on pointe in its centerwork combinations makes it appropriate for a somewhat more advanced ballet student. As in The Art of Pointework Level 3, each exercise is thoroughly explained with the aid of close-ups, slow motion, freeze frames, and voice-overs, during which Mr. Jhung points out precisely what should be done, and calls attention to common mistakes that make it impossible to do the exercises correctly. And, this enlightening commentary, combined with the musical background provided by Scott Killian, and the superb manner in which ABT soloist Michele Wiles demonstrates the exercises, makes this video a delight to view and an invaluable learning instrument.”

— Carol Garmiza, Adult Student, New York, NY

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