Connecting Movements Sideways & Forward – Basic Ballet 6 (1995)


Taught by Finis Jhung.

Levels 2 & Up. All Regions DVD. 100 minutes. 14 exercises.

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Here are two different center classes, each with six combinations that build and progress. Count-by-count, Finis Jhung and Jennifer Goodman of The Joffrey Ballet show you how to connect individual steps from adagio to coda. This video reveals how achieving beautiful lines, balanced turns, and light jumps depends on the way you execute the preceding movement. Correctly performing that movement, the linking step, is the key to your success. Center Class A teaches six combinations based on glissades and pas de bourrées to the side and includes discussions on posture, breathing, and how to balance in passé. Center Class B teaches six combinations based on walks, runs, glissades, and pas de bourrées traveling forward and includes discussions on stretching for suppleness and using the mirror for pirouette practice. The CD music is by Webster Smith.

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