Beginner Ballet Barre #2 – Bend the Body


Exercise 2. Almost-isometric demi-plié, bend the body

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MUSIC: New Ballet Music 13, Track 2

LENGTH: 6 minutes, 54 seconds

PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: Teaches you how to both minimize and maximize your demi-plié by initiating the movement with your toes instead of your knees.

DESCRIPTION: Part One: Instructions from Finis Jhung; Part Two: Melissa Elstein performs the exercise with the music playing and Finis standing by and coaching.

Learn how to make an almost-isometric demi-plié so you strengthen your feet and ankles
Learn how to use the barre so you strengthen your supporting side
Learn how to work on the diagonal
Learn how to stretch and bend your body so you become more flexible.

AUDIENCE: The adult ballet beginner

TRAINING REQUIRED: None, although you’ll get more out of this exercise if you’ve already worked with my video Ballet Barre for The Adult Absolute Beginner.

EQUIPMENT: A barre or two high-backed sturdy chairs, a full-length mirror

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