Ballet Barre for the Adult Absolute Beginner – Exercise One – Stretches


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MUSIC: New Ballet Music 9, Track 14
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LENGTH: 8 minutes, 06 seconds

PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: Provides you with a relaxing stretching exercise that can be done anytime and anywhere there’s room to do it.

DESCRIPTION: The entire exercise is done with both hands on the barre or supporting unit. Part One: Instructions from Finis Jhung; Part Two: Demonstration with music by Sachiko Kanai with Finis standing by and coaching.

  • Rise to the half-toe
  • Stretch from your toes to your chest
  • Plié to stretch your calves and ankles
  • Legs apart, stretch your back, hamstrings, and hip

AUDIENCE: The mature adult who works mostly sitting from 9 to 5+


EQUIPMENT: A supporting unit (ballet barre, desk, kitchen counter, book shelf, or sturdy high-backed chair) you can push down on as you go up and down and pull away from as you step back leaning forward with legs straddled.


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“I must say I am a big fan of the streaming singles. Having them with me on my phone, makes it easy to dance when I have a few spare minutes. Since they are short in length, I am able to really focus on the few key points that are presented. After working through the three Foot Strength videos, I was surprised to find I was turning better at my next class. The Temps lie & Cambré Dance at Home video is so calm and nice and reminds me of those basic principles of proper form that can help my dancing look nicer as well. Thanks!”

—Leslie Miller, Adult Student

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