Balance Your First Arabesque

The beauty of the arabesque depends on the correct placement of the head. The head must be centered on a high chest with energy going up the back of the neck. Stand in front of the mirror in first arabesque on the right foot. Your left arm is in second position, your right arm is extended forward defining the first arabesque position. Do not tilt your head to the right towards your right shoulder and arm. This is why you fall off forward when you attempt a piqué arabesque (stepping directly on the half-toe). When you pose in arabesque on your right foot, use your left arm for balance. Reach out and towards the back with your left arm as you extend your R arm forward. Keep your shoulders level with the floor as you press down on the air with both arms. Standing on the right foot, think of listening to the music with your left ear. The rule of balance: Ears Back!

2 thoughts on “Balance Your First Arabesque

  1. Once upon a time I thought that I would only ever be able to approximate an arabesque. Now I know I can actually perform an arabesque if I follow these simple directions. It might be low and my supporting leg might not be turned out very far, however, my arabesque is still an arabesque according to the classic formula. I might have lost the plot a bit with dancing, however, this blog post has enabled me to pick up at least one thread. That thread being the exercises for the first arabesque in Basic Ballet Movement Skills, Lesson 2.

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