ARTISTRY IN MOTION #25 – Natasha in center floor


Fascinating. Natalia Makarova practices in center floor. The video quality is very poor, but we can still see her extraordinary control and balance. Notice how she always “gets on her leg”—she places it accurately and it is absolutely perpendicular to the floor—and therefore the free leg and her torso and arms simply float into position. She knew she had to place her toe and drive down. And notice when she does the pirouette en attitude en dedans how she throws the leading arm and simply “coasts” the turn. It’s mesmerizing.

4 thoughts on “ARTISTRY IN MOTION #25 – Natasha in center floor

  1. What I gained from watching this practise session was the demonstration of a sense of purpose. A sense of knowing how, what and when. Quite inspirational with regard to gracefulness. She goes straight from that fast pirouette into the slow lunge to the floor with such ease and perfect timing.

  2. Just watched this video again and it is interesting to see what was missed before. She is on her leg all the time and is able to co-ordinate her arms for the best outcome for the movement.

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