Falling Over?

If you’re stumbling over your feet as you dance forward (pas de bourrée, piqué, tombé, chassé) it’s because you are leaning over your feet. Keep your head and chest high and reach back with your shoulders and arms. Think OPPOSITION: feet and legs forward; Ears, shoulders and at least one arm backward.


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Plié-relevé correctly:

Keep your focus on the sequential action of your foot. Your body should already be placed over the supporting toe when you complete the demi-plié. Keep the supporting thigh and knee placed—do not pull them back towards your heel—press down on the floor so that your foot rolls through the arch to the half-toe. Keep pressing the ball of your foot and toes against the floor until you stand straight on your standing leg. Let your weight drop through your bones all the way down into the floor. Enjoy the security of balancing solidly on one foot on releve!