ARTISTRY IN MOTION #22 – Darci Kistler & Ib Andersen in Stanley William’s version of “The William Tell” Pas

A joyful experience! Lovely quick footwork with a young Darci showing her fabulous talent. I remember seeing this documentary in fall and at the end Darci is having trouble with the piqué attitude turns, and Stanley very quietly says “toe” (he never said much) and she emphasizes how she places her toe and her body and floats the turn magically. I say this repeatedly in class during pirouettes: toe, toe, toe. Everything begins and ends with the toe.


  1. This was lovely. I do not understand the correction “toe.” Is it the standing leg? working leg?

    another question – Darci never seems to put her heels down when jumping. Ib puts his down some. I was taught that not putting your heels down will cause problems with your Achilles. Plus you need your heel for higher jumps. What is your opinion?

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