Foot Strength #2 — The Fondu relevé


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MUSIC: New Ballet Music 9, Track 16, 4/4
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LENGTH: 12 minutes, 54 seconds

PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: This exercise teaches you how to plié and relevé on one foot for optimal strength and balance.

DEFINITIONS: Fondu (fawn-DEW). Sinking down – lowering the body with a plié on one leg. Relevé (ruhl-VAY). Raised. A raising of the body on the toes or half-toes.


Part One: Instructions from Finis Jhung
Part Two: Technical breakdown of the exercise with Finis and demonstrator Vernard Gilmore
Part Three: Demonstration with music by Vernard with Finis standing by and coaching

If you want to do the dance combinations in center floor, you should be able to correctly perform the fondu-developpé-relevé.

First, you make a plié on one leg (fondu).
Then, from the plié, you rise on half-toe, (relevé).
As you relevé, you extend the other leg to the front (developpé).

With both hands on the barre, you will perform the fondu-developpé-relevé to the front three times.

Then, in the arabesque position, you will fondu-relevé twice.

AUDIENCE: The adult ballet beginner

TRAINING REQUIRED: You know how to make an active demi-plié and can balance on one foot with the other foot extended either to the front, back, or side.

EQUIPMENT: A barre or two high-backed sturdy chairs, a full-length mirror