Foot Strength #1 – The Demi-plié relevé


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MUSIC: New Ballet Music 9, Track 2, 3/4 — Get on iTunes

LENGTH: 11 minutes, 49 seconds

PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: Teaches you how to demi-plié relevé for optimal strength and balance

DEFINITIONS: Plié (plee-AY). Bent or bending. A bending of the knee of knees; Relevé (ruhl-VAY). Raised. A raising of the body on the toes or half-toes.


  • Part One: Instructions from Finis Jhung
  • Part Two: Technical breakdown of the exercise with Finis and demonstrator Vernard Gilmore
  • Part Three: Demonstration with music by Vernard with Finis standing by and coaching

Contrary to the way pliés are done, we’re going to show you how to initiate your demi-plié with your toes instead of your knees. This engages the muscles of the feet so that you can rise almost effortlessly on half-toe. Once you have learned to work use and work your feet as taught in this simple exercise, you will have the strength to balance, turn, and jump with ease.

AUDIENCE: The adult ballet beginner


EQUIPMENT: A barre or two high-backed sturdy chairs, a full-length mirror