Age-Defying Therapeutic Stretches – Streaming Only (2016)


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Finis Jhung shows you how to improve your balance, restore joint mobility, relax tense muscle, increase flexibility, and calm your mind. These slowly paced, easy-to-follow exercises are done both standing and sitting. Regain your youthful vitality and feel better!

Using his favorite exercises from Ballet Plus and The Ten-Minute Stretch Break, Finis has created this special streaming compilation especially for older people. The fourteen carefully paced exercises are done either standing, sitting on a chair, or on the floor. Quietly and methodically, master teacher Finis shows you simple and easy movements with a balletic aesthetic choreographed to the inspiring music of Scott Killian and demonstrated by Melissa Elstein. Throughout, Finis coaches Melissa (and you) to help make sure you move correctly so that you receive the full benefit of each exercise.

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Already have Ballet Plus and The Ten-Minute Stretch Break? Use the listing in the “Exercises” tab to create this compilation for yourself!