Pirouette Package

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Three Videos

  • Pirouette Class 1
  • Pirouette Classes 2
  • Use Your Head & Turn!

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Whether you’re a beginner who has never done a pirouette or an advanced dancer falling off your turns, these videos will teach you how to turn better than you ever thought you could. The secret to success lies in the preparation, which is carefully broken down with great detail. Learn the preparations, and you’ll turn like a top.

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“I have been training with your videos now for a year and a half—six days (sometimes seven) each week. Because of your training and techniques, I have been able to improve my own technique. At age 46, I have become a better dancer and teacher. I apply your techniques in all my classes, whether they be ballet, jazz, tap, or hip-hop. After all, a turn is a turn, no matter the dance idiom. My classes run a little slower than they used to, but I prefer quality rather than quantity and my students seem to really enjoy the process and are learning the proper way to do things. Most importantly, they are understanding the reason why they do what they do. I want my students to dance ‘clean’ and don’t just ‘shake it and fake it.’ You are my hero and I want to be the teacher you are! I have gone through almost all your DVDs and have now begun learning from your pointe package. I can’t wait!”

— Sharise Parvise, Studio Sharise, San Jose, CA