Finis Jhung’s Adult Ballet Weekend Workshop

Finis’s Last Adult Ballet Weekend Workshop… Ever!

Saturday, June 10 & Sunday, June 11, 2017
12-5 p.m.

FEE: $335*

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Finis has announced that this will be his last Adult Ballet Weekend Workshop, so don’t miss your chance to spend what will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime weekend learning and dancing with him!

Now in my 50s, through Finis’s class I can participate actively in dance once again rather than simply being an observer. The art of dance is powerful and at a minimum, mood altering, and, at the other extreme, it can be life changing!
— Debra Kennedy, Ailey Extension Student

You, my dear Finis, have been a great mentor to me. I am blessed to have started studying with you in Boulder way back in 1982 and then on and off since then. Your technique and logic are ingrained in my entire thought process of how I teach. And as I study anatomy and learn more about physical therapy I come to appreciate your classes and wisdom even more, because all you have said is correct and it has always been way ahead of its time. I am blessed with a passion for dance and teaching and then to have the knowledge because of wonderful mentors like yourself! My students always know where my knowledge and quips come from… which is you. One of my favorite ‘Finis’ sayings is ‘lead with your toes and not your nose.’
— Christina Noel

About the workshop

Join us for a life-changing weekend filled with the beauty of ballet and accompanied by the music that makes you dance.

The daily schedule includes an hour-long barre plus three hours of center exercises with linking steps, simple turns, and basic jumps. Each ballet segment will be followed by a ten-minute break, so don’t worry, feel free to sit and rest whenever you wish. Let’s all enjoy the weekend doing what we love best.

Students who have prior experience with Finis Jhung’s ballet classes, or have basic ballet knowledge, are encouraged to join us. To dance is to live!

*Payment includes all class work, snacks, and a beverage. There are no refunds, credits, or exchanges. Enrollment is limited.

2016 Daily Schedule*
This is last year’s schedule. The 2017 schedule will be similar and will be announced soon.
12:00 – 1:00pm Barre
1:00 – 1:10pm Break
1:10 – 2:10pm Center Floor Exercises
2:10 – 2:40pm Coffee, tea, snacks
2:40 – 3:40pm Center Floor Exercises
3:40 – 3:50pm Break
3:50 – 4:50pm Q & A, Review Exercises

*Payment includes all class work, a snack & beverage break, and a 25% Discount on all Finis Jhung DVDs and CDs. There are no refunds, credits, or exchanges. Enrollment is limited.

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New York, NY 10019
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NOTE: This Intensive is not for those with no previous ballet experience. You must have had some previous ballet training, preferably in Finis Jhung’s Absolute Beginner and Beginner Ballet classes. You should know how to plié, relevé, and balance on one foot.

“I believe Finis is happy in his fairly recent ‘incarnation’ teaching adults to love ballet — if you look at the photos of Finis’s intensive workshops you will see the concentration on the faces and accomplishment in the bodies; we are very serious. Finis must feel great satisfaction in seeing those students who are not training to be professionals discover a sense of importance about being engaged in the Art of Ballet in all its complexity yet essentialness as well. What we do in a Finis Jhung class and how it resonates both in class and afterwards impacts in meaningful and fresh new ways.It feels as though this experience with dance matters in the larger scope of things, contributing to the way we build our world around ourselves and exist within it.

— Suzanne Manning, New York, NY

”For many years, I was completely resistant to ballet, even though I knew it was basic training and a necessary credential for dancers. Before I met you, I was performing other dance forms in the New York area, and felt ballet was too academic, and in any event, not really taught, so why bother taking class? Well, as often happens in life, there is a time and place for everything, and my time and place for finally studying ballet is with you now at the Ailey Extension. Needless to say, I regret not having done it before, because with you, ballet is an expansive, living, breathing, exuberant form that can be taught to and learned by adults. It is a bittersweet education for me, making up for lost time, but every class, I am fueled by the potential to do more, and dance more. Lead onward, Maestro! Thank you so much.”

— Cynthia Elmas, NYC, NY

“I truly enjoy taking your classes. I was, over 15 years ago, a professional B’way jazz dancer but never had any proper ballet training and was intimidated by many of the classes back then (although I did take your beginner ballet barre, on occasion). It is exciting to not only be using my body once again but to finally have the opportunity to understand the style, conventions and movements that make a ballet dancer at a level my body and mind can comprehend and develop. Thank you.”

— Nancy Melius, NYC, NY

“I feel fortunate to have encountered you at this point in time, as you continue your ‘backwards journey to the fundamentals of movement.’ Your Ailey students are aware that you could limit your teaching to professionals if you wished, and yet you choose to share your knowledge with adult beginners who will never be dancers. Your beginning classes bring happiness to a lot of people.

“I appreciate the zen-like quality of the barre exercises in class. While I don’t possess an aptitude for dance, I enjoy grappling with something that is beautiful and so different from other aspects of my life, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to take your classes. Thanks.”

— L. Lin, Woodside, NY

“I’m just writing to express my deep gratitude for your ballet class. I’ve tried to take a beginning class here and there as an adult, but never found one that was basic enough for someone who studied a bit as a very young child but remembers very little as an adult. I’ve now had about 6 classes of Level 1 with you, and I already sense subtle improvements in my balance and strength. I’m 41-years-old and it is such a privilege to be returning to the study of this extraordinary art after so many years, without any of the pressures that real dancers face, but just for the sheer joy of it. Thank you so much for your unique and amazingly generous approach to teaching, making ballet truly accessible to ordinary people.

— Jennifer