2018 Finis Jhung Teacher Workshop: “The Fundamentals of Ballet Technique”

$450.00 $400.00

Pearl Studios in New York City

Location: 500 8th Avenue, New York, NY

Group 1: July 21 & 22, 2018
Group 2: August 4 & 5, 2018

$400 if paid by May 1, 2018. $450 thereafter.

Each group is strictly limited to 24 teachers. Two identical weekends — choose which is most convenient.


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We’re back!

Finis thought 2017 would be his last year of workshops, but he has a new hip, and he’s inspired to keep on going!


“Finis has shaped so much of the instruction I have received and given. His teaching continues to make me a better teacher, and the results are visible in my dancers.”
—Jason Schadt, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Iowa Department of Dance. Artistic Director, University of Iowa Youth Ballet

“His method works all the time… Finis teaches you how to dance. It’s scientific. It totally makes sense the way he teaches.”

“What an inspiration — a magical man who truly loves what he does.”
— Jenifer Farrell, Director of Intensive Ballet
Barb’s Centre for Dance, Green Bay, WI

“Your technical approach to dance should be the USA standard.”
— Deborah Bianca, Artistic Director
Dance Theater of New England, Bridgewater, MA

“Why doesn’t the whole world teach this way???”
— Rosemary Robenn
Elancé Adult Ballet School, Melbourne, Australia

Do you wish your students were better? Want them to nail their balances, turns and jumps? They can, and would, if they knew HOW to do it. And that is what you will learn at this teacher workshop—HOW to do those elusive steps! For the past 45 years, Finis has been enlightening professionals as well as amateurs in New York City and at workshops and conventions in the USA and internationally. His teaching technique is based on years of studying the world’s best dancers in performance and on video and finding that these great artists prepare for balances, turns and jumps in ways not taught in the traditional ballet class. At this workshop, you will learn the “untaught” preparations which will transform your dancers—and you. Bring your dance clothes so you can take class. Feel free to sit and observe whenever you wish.

From the 2017 Teacher Workshop

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519 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10018
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Daily Schedule:

10-10:30 Teachers Arrive
10:30 – 12 noon Barrework
12 noon – 12:10 p.m. Break*
12:10 – 1:10 p.m. Centerwork
1:10 – 1:55 p.m. Lunch on Your Own*
1:55 – 2:55 p.m. Centerwork
2:55 – 3:05 p.m. Break*
3:05 – 4:05 p.m. Centerwork
4:05 – 4:30 p.m. Q&A

Payment Includes: all workshop classes, detailed notes, a Finis Jhung Tee-shirt, and a free music CD.We will not be selling products in the studio due to space limitations, but you will have a special TW discount of 30% on DVDs, CDs, and the book which must be used within one week after your workshop. Certain products are not available for discounting. See Terms of Service for excluded products.

Full refunds (less $75 administrative fee) for cancellations prior to June 1. Sorry, no refunds after this date. All registration is through Finis Jhung. Register here or call Finis at 1 (800) 357-3525. If you prefer, mail your check payable to Ballet Dynamics Inc., 119 West 72nd Street, New York, NY 10023.

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“I was so inspired this weekend being a part of the July 2015 Teacher Workshop. Your whole approach to teaching compliments my approach to teaching in the sense that it makes sense! Learning from you has added an extra knowledge that I need to further grow as a teacher. I am so excited to implement new ideas so that my students can grow as dancers. It was a wonderful experience and you are a delightful and brilliant instructor. Thank you so very much.” — Pamela Cardona, Juilliard alumnus

“I came home from the weekend workshop excited to teach as always! Thank you Finis for your insights and the gift of being able to convey them to others.” — Joyce DiLauro

“Thank you, Master Finis, for another insightful and fun-filled workshop! You are truly an inspiration!” — Anna Suntay

“Such a great workshop!” — Jens Lee

“After earning my MFA I began teaching ballet to adults. Traditional pedagogical methods for beginning dancers frustrated me inasmuch as most elementary exercises failed to acquaint novice students with the concepts I consider indispensable to a proper understanding of ballet. Finis Jhung’s videos demonstrate that it is possible from the first lesson to deliver beginner-level instruction without sacrificing adherence to the essence of ballet. The dozens of hours I spent watching them proved a wise investment of my time. Since shifting my focus from performing to teaching, I have sought out the teachers of my teachers. I recently had the opportunity to travel to New York to participate in the Finis Jhung Teacher’s Workshop. Finis has shaped so much of the instruction I have received and given. His teaching continues to make me a better teacher, and the results are visible in my dancers.

—Jason Schadt, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Iowa Department of Dance. Artistic Director, University of Iowa Youth Ballet

“Your workshop really helped me understand physics and technique more, giving me a broader and deeper understanding of ballet dancing and how to teach it. I can now do double pirouettes after years of thinking that I was not capable of doing so. I applied what you taught us, and voila, double pirouettes! Cheers!”

— Anna Suntay, Manila, Philippines

Inspiring, amazing, and just a privilege to experience. It was all I had hoped for, and more! Yes, it was a long way to come from Australia, but worth every minute. I have learned so much and have so many new ideas to try out on my students. I love Finis ’s teaching because it is so logical and intuitive and just makes so much sense. Why doesn’t the whole world teach this way???

— Rosemary Robenn, Elancé Adult Ballet School, Melbourne, Australia

“I think the thing that I learned most at the course that has made the most difference has been the different way of using the barre arm (both when side on and also facing the barre). I’ve always been trained (as I suspect most people have) to have the barre arm bent and relaxed. So I always taught my students the same way. Even though I was continually getting them to check their hand on the barre and see if they could let go it was still often a struggle. By using the arm the way you do it has made a huge difference. All of a sudden the supporting side of the body is also engaged; with so many teachers/students the attitude towards barrework is that you work one side of the body and then turn around and work the other side. And then wonder why when you get into the center it feels like a whole different ball game. Now my students are always working both sides of the body and the difference in their strength (particularly when they get into the center) is amazing. Also, when facing the barre it automatically encourages the students to lift the upper body. So many of the students (and not just the better ones) have commented to me what a difference it has made to them. Dianne, my boss, happened to see the students in one of my classes a couple of weeks after I returned from New York and the first thing she said to me was ‘Wow, look at the difference in their upper body strength!’ The work on pirouettes also helped greatly. Once again, I was trained in the pull the incoming arm way, as again, so many people are. Even at another class I did in New York the teacher was saying ‘pull the incoming arm!’ I chose to ignore him!! I had learned a lot from you via the website before the seminar that I will be forever grateful for. The idea of opposite forces and pushing down to go up is now something I constantly talk about. It has been great to be able to what I share with the rest of our staff. Dianne has been so impressed with what I brought back that she is sending another of our teachers over to you this year.

—Rosemary Robenn, Senior Teacher, Elancé Adult Ballet School, Footscray, Australia


“This was my second year and all can say is that I have to be back again next year! This year, my ‘teaching revelation’ was ‘discovering’ my shoulders and understanding how important it is to use them and integrate them in all the ballet movements that we do. All the ballet details that you bring to our attention and all the ballet wisdom that you share with us is priceless. I love your workshops. Each year your knowledge inspires me to work harder and harder for the sake of good ballet and good ballet teaching.

—Angelica Diaz, Homestead, FL

“Finis is an amazing teacher. His clarity of instruction is par to none other.

— Kate Brogdon, Lompoc, CA

I loved every second of the workshop. I was constantly gaining so much knowledge to take back to my students. I loved how each exercise led to a more advanced option. Finis and his staff were incredibly generous. The Ailey facility is gorgeous.”

— Lauren Cozza, Sacketts Harbor, NJ

“It was an amazing experience to meet many different people and be taught by Finis. He is brilliant, and shares so much wisdom.

— Anna Suntay, Manila, Phillipines

“Amazing! It is such a joy to take class with and learn from Finis. His infinite knowledge is only matched by his obvious true love of dance. I always leave this workshop with a renewed passion and clearer intention as a teacher. So many light bulb moments!”

— Hunter Burris, High Point, NC

“I absolutely loved every minute of it. Finis is an amazing teacher, using language and descriptions that are clear and make sense. I will definitely be coming back and will spread the word.”

— Shawna McPherson, Broadview Hts, OH

“Excellent! I liked absolutely everything. Can ’t wait to take another.

— Michelle Gardner, Oneonta, NY

“I’ve finally found a true teacher of ballet. Finis Jhung is a treasure.”

— Julie Caprio, Hamilton Square, NJ

“I love Finis because his delivery to both old and new dancers is so effortless it ’s amazing.”

— Lisa Chu, Beverly Hills, CA

Fantastic! Great teaching tips for instructors!”

— Allison Hickman-McFerren, Waynesboro, PA

“Inspiring. Finis gave the most logical and anatomically correct explanations of how to actually dance that I have ever experienced.I am 100% sold on Finis’s method.

— Judith Elins, Jersey City, NJ

“I learned many useful tips for proper technique and alignment. It was well worth the cost.

— Stacey Wawrzyniec, Buffalo, NY

“The workshop taught very detailed concepts about the way the body should move in order to successfully perform steps. I had never heard of some of these concepts, but they were easy to understand and truly simplified steps that are usually considered difficult.

— Lillian Hill, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I enjoyed the slow breakdown of the movement and the clarity of presentation. This Workshop takes the dance teacher back to the roots of the movements is an outstanding reminder of proper technique and safe execution skills, as well as how to work with different physical attributes unique to each dancer.”

— Jolene McPherson, Brecksville, OH

“Finis’s instruction breaks down movement to its origins, which makes it easier to understand while increasing an understanding of how complex and difficult ballet really is!”

— Kathy Hardin, Teacher, Ridgefield, CT

“Great group size. We all had enough space to dance. Even though I had already been studying Finis’s DVDs, hearing his explanations in person was great — I now have a different way to articulate with my students which may help them gain a better understanding.

— Cristina Urch, Milwaukee, WI

“Thank you for such a great experience. It is amazing how liberating it feels to focus on movements connecting the feet to the floor rather than just the steps themselves.”

— Dina Fonzone, Bethelehem, PA

“I love the idea of the almost-isometric plié — it makes total sense, although it is not the way I was trained. I also appreciate the idea that each dancer is different and needs to work with her true turnout in order to improve.”

— Tamara Swank, Greensburg, PA

“I got a huge dose of endorphins at the workshop. It was so liberating! Finis helps me to find myself, and that’s something for which I can’t thank him enough. He has found the most efficient way to teach us so that every single minute of our class counted. I came home feeling armed with knowledge and confidence. I can’t wait to come back again.”

— Heidi Ketchel, Rochester, PA

“I really liked the workshop. We were always doing something new, and I felt I was always learning. I liked the way Finis corrected us. It was brief and to the point. I feel this workshop has helped me drastically.

— Jenna Hiljus, Cambridge, MN

“The workshop opened up my ‘student mind.’ I was able to think and work in a way that I can pass on to my clients. The best information for me was the technique for pirouettes and turning.”

— Sarah Brown, Teacher & Studio Owner, Lincoln, NE