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Pearl Studios
500 8th Avenue (35th & 36th Streets)
Fridays: 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

$30 fee per class.
Enrollment limited to 24 students!

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Turnout — October 5, 2018 (FF1005) (3 Remaining)
Let's Dance! — October 26, 2018 (FF1026) (9 Remaining)
Turnout — November 16, 2018 (FF1116) (4 Remaining)
Pirouette — November 30, 2018 (FF1130) (8 Remaining)
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“Trainer extraordinaire,
he teaches ballet dancers
why they do what they do.”
— The New York Times

Adult Beginners! Spend your Friday nights with Finis in 3 different classes at Pearl Studios!

3 different 2-hour classes created especially for the Adult Ballet Beginner that will enhance your understanding of basic ballet movement skills; improve your turn-out and extension; and enable you to turn with balance and control.

LOCATION: Pearl Studios. 500 8th Avenue (35th & 36th Streets)
DAY & TIME: Fridays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Class Size is Limited to 24 students
Finis will continue teaching all on-going classes at the Ailey Extension except the Sunday Intensives.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no refunds or exchanges. HOWEVER, if fewer than 13 students are registered by 6:30pm on the Tuesday prior to that Friday’s class, that class will be canceled and your money refunded.

Let’s Dance!

Basic Movement Skills: Each class begins with a short barre followed by exercises in center floor which teach correct body & arm positions; connecting footwork that travels in different directions; the waltz & the balancé; and choreographed dances.

Inspired by…

“Let’s Dance!” workshops are based on techniques covered in these videos:

Turn-out, Extension

Feel Better. Look Better: The class begins with a short jog followed by gentle stretches sitting and lying on the floor. Then, standing at the barre, stabilize your turnout and extension with simple exercises. Afterwards, relax with floor stretches.

STRETCH CLASS NOTE: You will be lying on the floor during the Stretch Class. If you wish, please bring your own towel or floor mat.

Inspired by…

“Turn-out, Extension” workshops are based on techniques covered in these videos:

Pirouettes, Turns

Get on Your Leg and Turn! After a short warm-up, practice pirouettes (outward and inward) in different positions, chaînés, and piqué turns. Learn the “untaught” preparations all good dancers use onstage. Solve the mysteries of turns!

Inspired by…

“Pirouettes, Turns” workshops are based on techniques covered in these videos:

Photo by Stephen von der Launitz

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Finis Fridays! Dates

Let's Dance! — September 28, 2018, Turnout — October 5, 2018, Pirouette — October 19, 2018, Let's Dance! — October 26, 2018, Turnout — November 16, 2018, Pirouette — November 30, 2018

There is no instruction like Finis’s, as he breaks down every single action and emphasizes its purpose not only to dance, but to live with balance, confidence, and grace.”

—Yasmine Rena, Adult Student

“His tutelage continues to develop ‘thinking’ dancers, not students with dance poses. I’ve never studied with a better teacher!

—Julie Wong, Adult Student

“Are you a dancer, professional or beginner, young or old? Is your passion ballet or any other style of dance? If so, you absolutely need to experience Finis Jhung’s workshops and/or classes. No matter what you want to learn, or how experienced you are, you need to learn how to use every part of your body: head, shoulders and arms, torso, hips, buttocks, legs and last but not least feet; you will need to balance on one foot—on half point or flat—and you will need to know where you weight is at all times. This is what you can learn, in a concentrated way, from someone who has been studying and teaching what works and what doesn’t for the past 46 years, and has developed the ability to explain it clearly, precisely, using a variety of props and visual images that are extremely effective. I am convinced that this is the absolute basis of any style of dance, whether you are a professional, you just love to dance or you just want to look like a dancer….talent is not enough!”

—Adele F. Mackintosh, Ph. D. New York, NY