Not sure how you’re progressing or how far you can grow? Finis will study and analyze a Beginner Ballet Level 1 or Level 2 Zoom class recording of you performing key exercises. Then you’ll receive specific, tailored feedback a few days after class.

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Would you like Finis to take a closer look at just you and analyze and correct how well you follow and implement his instructions for his key exercises?

Finis will study and analyze a Beginner Ballet Level 1 or Level 2 Zoom video recording of you performing these all-important exercises:

  1. PING-SLAM-BOUNCE in 5th position
    B1 demi-plié, spring up with a dégagé
    B2 demi-plié, spring up with a pirouette-pose
  2. REPEAT EXERCISE 2 with a full relevé balance

  3. PING-SLAM-BOUNCE in first position
    B1 fondu, spring up with a dégagé
    B2 rond de jambe, fondu, spring up with a low développé

  4. REPEAT EXERCISE 3 with a full relevé balance


Once you register, Finis will let you know in advance what day you will be recorded in class.

You will receive your Finalysis several days after the class was held.

Finis will email you his analysis, along with the video link for your reference.

The fee is $50.

*There are no refunds or exchanges for any reasons.

**If you have any questions, do not register until after you have emailed

“Thank you very much, Finis! I have done my first take on watching the video and reading your feedback. I’m going to let that sink in and then have another look tomorrow. I am really grateful that you are offering this feedback. I know it is going to help me make some adjustments and improvements. I can’t wait! Thank you.”

– Riley Ayndow

“Thanks! This gives me a lot to think about. I had no idea that my spine was curving to the left when I’m on my right foot.”

– Sooji Pak

Your comments are so appreciated and so detailed … As you have said many times, it’s ok to make a mistake, just don’t keep making the same mistakes … Every day is an exercise in doing what I can do and trying to just let the rest of it go. Thanks”

– Janice Stanton

Very very helpful. And I can see it all. I’m not using a strong plié. Everything is very tentative. I can see how my muscles are somehow not involved. It has to be a lot deeper. Into the floor and inside me. But I can watch myself objectively. I feel more than it looks like. More like I’m marking. There are many things to work on. I look way too light on the floor and have little working opposition … I can dance for you for whatever that is worth and I’ve never trusted anyone before enough to do that … Thank you so much Finis. You amaze us … Best ever.”

– Helene Perini

Amazing! How did Jason edit out all the falling? Seriously, I think it is helpful to see, although I’m not sure how to correct except to get stronger feet, and keep more aligned…I’ll keep trying. Your classes are so important to maintain my health and well-being. Many thanks.”

– Susanne Appel

“Thank you, Finis! It all makes sense and will be working to correct this. And yes, you are right, I’m better placed on left side than right, even if this side is weaker … So, working in first is a Godsend to me. And then during the last glissade workshop I’ve realized I don’t put my heel of my right leg and jump off my toes – this is what you noticed on the video. It’s getting better, I’m working on it. The rest gives much more details which will help me to correct all this and gives additional insight what to do. Thank you so much, I’ll book another one in a couple of months to check my progress.

– Anna Lenkiewicz