Dance at Home #4


Waltz forward, step backward, poses

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MUSIC: New Ballet Music 7, Track 12, 3/4 adagio (2:43)
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LENGTH: 8 minutes, 24 seconds

PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: Improves your strength, balance, grace and vitality by teaching you how to waltz, move backward, and step into poses moving your arms

DEFINITIONS: Cambré (kahn-BRAY). Bend sideways or forward from the waist; Port de bras (pawr duh brah). Carriage of the arms. Pivot. Turn around a point, swivel on one foot.


Part One: Instructions from Finis Jhung
Part Two: Technical breakdown of the exercise with Finis and demonstrator Mayumi Omagari
Part Three: Demonstration with music by Mayumi with Finis standing by and coaching

This dance has been choreographed to an adagio – music that is quiet, slow, and very beautiful.

There are 4 sections, each with 8 counts:

Section 1 – Counts 1 to 8: Waltz forward, plié and stand; step back with a port de bras; repeat the waltz and step back starting with the other foot
Section 2 – Counts 1 to 8: Repeat the waltz forward and step back with a different port de bras; repeat the waltz and step back starting with the other foot
Section 3 – Counts 1 to 8: Step forward to the corner with a port de bras; repeat to the other corner; repeat the steps to the corner faster, step back
Section 4 – Counts 1 to 8: Repeat Section 3

Repeat the entire dance

AUDIENCE: The novice adult beginner

TRAINING REQUIRED: None, you will learn basic ballet technique as you dance along.


Play the DVD in 3 modes: Full Class, Individual Exercises or Workout Mode where you can run the exercises without instruction. Once you’ve learned the exercise and heard the instructions, you may want to go straight to the demonstration with music so you can have a work-out without interruption.

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  1. The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: Stretch, Turn-out, & Extension
  2. The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: The Power Barre

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I’ve been doing your DVDs with my mother in her 60s. It’s helping her out a lot with learning to keep her balance and have good posture. Even the slightest movements have helped strengthen her muscles. We love you.”

— Trula Hudelson

“I enjoyed Dance at Home 4 – Waltz so much that I danced it three times in a row. I appreciated the clear instruction on head placement and balance principles and it was fun to practice waltzing with the music. I felt like I was able to take the waltz beyond just learning the steps to something that actually looked and felt good. I will be looking forward to remembering those principles the next time I am waltzing in the studio.”

—Leslie Miller, Adult Student, College Station, TX

“I find these videos incredibly helpful. Recently I was unable to attend your class and was delighted to know that I had the option of maintaining consistency by viewing and practicing with these videos at home. The format provides me with the tools I need to learn/practice with clear instructions. The beautiful artistic as well as technical demonstrations by the dancers are also a much-appreciated feature. Thank you!”

— Wendy Williams McDonnell.

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