Dance at Home #4


Waltz forward, step backward, poses

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MUSIC: New Ballet Music 7, Track 12, 3/4 adagio (2:43)
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LENGTH: 8 minutes, 24 seconds

PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: Improves your strength, balance, grace and vitality by teaching you how to waltz, move backward, and step into poses moving your arms

DEFINITIONS: Cambré (kahn-BRAY). Bend sideways or forward from the waist; Port de bras (pawr duh brah). Carriage of the arms. Pivot. Turn around a point, swivel on one foot.


Part One: Instructions from Finis Jhung
Part Two: Technical breakdown of the exercise with Finis and demonstrator Mayumi Omagari
Part Three: Demonstration with music by Mayumi with Finis standing by and coaching

This dance has been choreographed to an adagio – music that is quiet, slow, and very beautiful.

There are 4 sections, each with 8 counts:

Section 1 – Counts 1 to 8: Waltz forward, plié and stand; step back with a port de bras; repeat the waltz and step back starting with the other foot
Section 2 – Counts 1 to 8: Repeat the waltz forward and step back with a different port de bras; repeat the waltz and step back starting with the other foot
Section 3 – Counts 1 to 8: Step forward to the corner with a port de bras; repeat to the other corner; repeat the steps to the corner faster, step back
Section 4 – Counts 1 to 8: Repeat Section 3

Repeat the entire dance

AUDIENCE: The novice adult beginner

TRAINING REQUIRED: None, you will learn basic ballet technique as you dance along.


“I enjoyed Dance at Home 4 – Waltz so much that I danced it three times in a row. I appreciated the clear instruction on head placement and balance principles and it was fun to practice waltzing with the music. I felt like I was able to take the waltz beyond just learning the steps to something that actually looked and felt good. I will be looking forward to remembering those principles the next time I am waltzing in the studio.”

—Leslie Miller, Adult Student, College Station, TX

“I find these videos incredibly helpful. Recently I was unable to attend your class and was delighted to know that I had the option of maintaining consistency by viewing and practicing with these videos at home. The format provides me with the tools I need to learn/practice with clear instructions. The beautiful artistic as well as technical demonstrations by the dancers are also a much-appreciated feature. Thank you!”

— Wendy Williams McDonnell.