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CANCELED – Finis Jhung’s 2020 Adult Ballet Student Workshop

This workshop has been canceled for 2020, due to concerns related to COVID-19. If you registered for this workshop and have not yet been contacted, please email for a complete refund.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Sign up for one day only, or both days!

FEE: $150 per day
Saturday, June 13 and/or Sunday June 14, 2020.
12pm to 5pm
Enrollment is limited to 30 students per day.

Pearl Studios
500 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10018
(212) 904-1850
See Map

“Thank you again for offering this wonderful workshop; I feel so fortunate to have spent the last two days with you and cannot tell you how much I treasure your teaching. I only wish I had found your classes 15 years ago when I still lived in New York! My muscles are going to be sore for days, but I’ve never felt more centered and on my legs.

— Mary Jane E. Galvin-Wagg

Each day begins at the barre and then proceeds to center floor where you will practice linking steps, turning movements, the waltz, the balance, and allegro steps such as the fondu développé relevé and simple jumps.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds or exchanges.

12 to 1:00 Barre
1:00 – 1:10 Break*
1:10 – 2:10 Barre, Turning Movements, Linking Steps
2:10 – 2:30 Snack Break* (on your own)
2:30 – 3:30 Port de bras, Arabesque, Turning Movements
3:30 – 3:40 Break*
3:40 – 4:40 Balancé, Waltz
4:45 – 5:00 Floor Stretches

*NOTE: No food or drink will be provided.

Coming from out of town?

There are numerous hotels located near Pearl Studios, which is also convenient to Times Square and Columbus Circle in Manhattan.

We recommend the Even Hotel.

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NOTE: This Intensive is not for those with no previous ballet experience. You must have had some previous ballet training, preferably in Finis Jhung’s Absolute Beginner and Beginner Ballet classes or videos. You should know how to plié, relevé, and balance on one foot.

Additional information

Student Workshop Dates

Saturday, June 13, Sunday, June 14

“Thank you again for offering this wonderful workshop; I feel so fortunate to have spent the last two days with you and cannot tell you how much I treasure your teaching. I only wish I had found your classes 15 years ago when I still lived in New York! My muscles are going to be sore for days, but I’ve never felt more centered and on my legs.

— Mary Jane E. Galvin-Wagg

“Thanks for the class. The workshop amplifies and cements some ideas that are also on the videos. I’ll be paying attention to them as I continue to watch them. (There is very little adult ballet offered in Jacksonville, and the quality can be sketchy.)”

— Richard Shieldhouse

“Thank you for the class today! It was refreshing to hear a different point of view about ballet education. I am sure I will practice your techniques and they will help me enjoy ballet even more.

— Debora Ratzlaff

“Thank you for your weekend workshop. I am so glad I attended both days and learned so many valuable techniques. It was wonderful.

— Yasmine Rana

“Are you a dancer, professional or beginner, young or old? Is your passion ballet or any other style of dance? If so, you absolutely need to experience Finis Jhung’s workshops and/or classes. No matter what you want to learn, or how experienced you are, you need to learn how to use every part of your body: head, shoulders and arms, torso, hips, buttocks, legs and last but not least feet; you will need to balance on one foot — on half point or flat — and you will need to know where your weight is at all times. This is what you can learn, in a concentrated way, from someone who has been studying and teaching what works and what doesn’t for the past 47 years, and has developed the ability to explain it clearly, precisely, using a variety of props and visual images that are extremely effective. I am convinced that this is the absolute basis of any style of dance, whether you are a professional, you just love to dance or you just want to look like a dancer… talent is not enough!”

— Adele F. Mackintosh, Ph. D. New York, NY

“I attended the second day of Finis Jhung’s summer 2018 beginning ballet workshop… I was not at my best, having sustained a knee injury in class about three weeks ago, which required a period of rest. However, the workshop was so well-paced that I had no trouble keeping up and benefitting from the exercises. This morning, my knee feels almost brand new—well considering that it is 77+ years old! This is the third summer workshop I have attended: the first, in 2014 combined dance teachers and beginners and the one last year, like this one, had only beginners. All have inched me forward in my excruciatingly slow, tortoise-pace progress, as have the once-a-month workshops during the school year. I am grateful to have these precious opportunities and hope they will continue. I do want to dispute one thing Finis said yesterday: that the way he teaches pliés is ‘not in any book.’ It IS in a book called The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique: A Guide for Teachers and Students (2014). See p. 43 and p. 47, ‘The almost-isometric demi-plié.’ It’s the first of Finis’s seven principles of ballet technique.”

— Sharon E. Sutton

“Finis Jhung’s 2-day workshops are crafted with amazing artistry and a profound understanding of the techniques needed to develop a beginner-level student into a confident and sound dancer. The focus of his barre-work lays the foundation for the strength and endurance needed on the center floor. Every exercise has a purpose and gives the body the framework for linking steps, turns and jumps. He works with great emphasis on developing foot strength and thoughtful movement to avoid injuries. He encourages his students to set aside prior dance habits to learn the fundamentals of proper body alignment and balance, along with the preparatory steps to execute a perfect pirouette. For most of his students wanting to perfect their single pirouette, his step-by-step recipe gives the necessary preparations that, if followed with precision, results in a pirouette on half toe. Many students fly in from other cities and countries to study with him in his annual workshops, including dance teachers from all over the world. It’s a great honor and privilege to participate in his exquisite workshops. His tutelage continues to develop ‘thinking’ dancers, not students with dance poses. I’ve never studied with a better teacher! Come join us next year, and if you have time, join his weekly classes!”

— Julie Wong

Finis Jhung has miraculous powers. I am certain about it. Be it a class you are taking, an Intensive Sunday workshop or his much-awaited annual Weekend Workshop, you are sure to have a wonderful experience for both body and soul. Beyond the minute analysis of every step or movement, the constant attention to finding balance by moving the parts of your body in the right sequence, Finis really focuses on refining the movement to make it more appealing for a possible viewer. I guess this may also be called artistry. I fell in love with the beauty of the choreographed dances at the end of the workshop. And make no assumptions that he teaches only professionals! Irrespective of one’s dance experience, age or profession his approach outpours buckets of joy for the dancer. I have taken classes, intensives and annual workshops for a while now, yet each time, it is a fresh experience. How could it not be thrilling and rewarding? Aren’t Beauty, Elegance, Grace and Balance perennial quests of anyone? Try once and you will be hooked for life — just like the title of his pictorial memoir – Ballet for Life.

— Ileana Ray

“From plié to pirouette and the other basic ballet movements, Finis Jhung’s two-day workshop for beginners also includes instruction on posture, positions and ballet terminology. But most of all Mr. Jhung focuses on how to move as ballet dancers do: with grace and precision. The day starts at the barre and progresses to dancing across the floor with various linking steps, learning how to pirouette, and concluding with choreography especially created by Mr. Jhung for beginners. Anyone who feels they ‘gotta dance’ will enjoy and benefit from his expertise. I know I have.

— Arleen Lebe

“I believe Finis is happy in his fairly recent ‘incarnation’ teaching adults to love ballet — if you look at the photos of Finis’s intensive workshops you will see the concentration on the faces and accomplishment in the bodies; we are very serious. Finis must feel great satisfaction in seeing those students who are not training to be professionals discover a sense of importance about being engaged in the Art of Ballet in all its complexity yet essentialness as well. What we do in a Finis Jhung class and how it resonates both in class and afterwards impacts in meaningful and fresh new ways.It feels as though this experience with dance matters in the larger scope of things, contributing to the way we build our world around ourselves and exist within it.

— Suzanne Manning, New York, NY

”For many years, I was completely resistant to ballet, even though I knew it was basic training and a necessary credential for dancers. Before I met you, I was performing other dance forms in the New York area, and felt ballet was too academic, and in any event, not really taught, so why bother taking class? Well, as often happens in life, there is a time and place for everything, and my time and place for finally studying ballet is with you now at the Ailey Extension. Needless to say, I regret not having done it before, because with you, ballet is an expansive, living, breathing, exuberant form that can be taught to and learned by adults. It is a bittersweet education for me, making up for lost time, but every class, I am fueled by the potential to do more, and dance more. Lead onward, Maestro! Thank you so much.”

— Cynthia Elmas, NYC, NY

“I truly enjoy taking your classes. I was, over 15 years ago, a professional B’way jazz dancer but never had any proper ballet training and was intimidated by many of the classes back then (although I did take your beginner ballet barre, on occasion). It is exciting to not only be using my body once again but to finally have the opportunity to understand the style, conventions and movements that make a ballet dancer at a level my body and mind can comprehend and develop. Thank you.”

— Nancy Melius, NYC, NY

“I feel fortunate to have encountered you at this point in time, as you continue your ‘backwards journey to the fundamentals of movement.’ Your Ailey students are aware that you could limit your teaching to professionals if you wished, and yet you choose to share your knowledge with adult beginners who will never be dancers. Your beginning classes bring happiness to a lot of people.

“I appreciate the zen-like quality of the barre exercises in class. While I don’t possess an aptitude for dance, I enjoy grappling with something that is beautiful and so different from other aspects of my life, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to take your classes. Thanks.”

— L. Lin, Woodside, NY

“I’m just writing to express my deep gratitude for your ballet class. I’ve tried to take a beginning class here and there as an adult, but never found one that was basic enough for someone who studied a bit as a very young child but remembers very little as an adult. I’ve now had about 6 classes of Level 1 with you, and I already sense subtle improvements in my balance and strength. I’m 41-years-old and it is such a privilege to be returning to the study of this extraordinary art after so many years, without any of the pressures that real dancers face, but just for the sheer joy of it. Thank you so much for your unique and amazingly generous approach to teaching, making ballet truly accessible to ordinary people.

— Jennifer