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Beginner Ballet Mini-Intensive #4 – Glissade

January 24 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST

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We are proud to announce our fourth 2021 Mini-Intensive for Beginner Ballet students: Glissade


Please fill out the form below to apply for this Mini-Intensive. Finis will review your request and, if approved, send you a registration link.

Mini-Intensive Application

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  • IMPORTANT: I understand that this is a more intimate class where Finis gives more tailored feedback. As a result, I will be sure to have enough space to take large steps sideways, forward and on the diagonal. I also have adequate lighting to be clearly seen and will wear something that helps me be seen clearly in my space.

  • Required.


The glissade is a traveling step executed by gliding the working foot from the fifth position in the required direction, the other foot closing to it. Glissade is à terre à terre step (performed on or close to the ground or floor – performed with little elevation). There are six glissades, depending on the starting and finishing positions as well as the direction. Today you will learn the usual and most commonly used glissade: the glissade derriére, which travels to the side and is commenced with the back foot which remains in the back at the finish. In almost every beginner class I have taught, it has been painful to watch students galumphing (moving in a clumsy, ponderous, or noisy manner; inelegant) their glissades. This Intensive should cure that! Each exercise will first be shown by Finis, and then you will do it following a demonstrator. As you do it, Finis will watch you carefully, analyze your work, and then you will repeat it employing his corrections. To glissade is to glide through life!

Please read the description and list of exercises to make sure you are technically strong enough to participate fully. This Mini-Intensive class size is limited to only ten students so that Finis can see each one of you in every exercise and coach and correct you. You should already be warmed up, either from the preceding class or on your own. You must have enough space in your home so that Finis can see your entire body from head to toe with both arms extended. You must have enough clear space to move six feet in either direction. You should be dancing on a flat smooth floor and not on a rug or carpeting. Please wear proper ballet attire. And please set your recording device with a horizontal view so Finis can see your entire body as you move from one place to another.

1. At the barre: Relaxed grand pliés with cambré
2. At the barre: Battement tendu in second position
3. At the barre: Battement dégagé in second position
4. At the barre: Glissade derriére, passé
5. Off the barre: Repeat Exercise 4
6. At the barre: Over-cross the glissade derriére, dégagé à la seconde
7. Off the barre: Repeat Exercise 6.

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January 24
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST
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Finis Jhung Ballet Dynamics

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