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skeleton arabesque


Always show the transitions between steps clearly. Articulate the movement by reaching with your legs and arms. Show how you are always balanced completely on one foot before stepping to another. This creates your body line and gives interest and value to your movements.


You'll have better control of your movements if you always use opposition through your upper body. When you dance to the right, reach back to the left with your supporting arm and shoulder. Don't look where you are going - look away - use the textbook body positions when you are working in fourth position front and you will look better and move more quickly.


To balance your fondu relevé: Think of it as a PUSH UP, not a PULL UP


Just because it's always been done "that way" doesn't mean it can't be done "this way"

Getting Ready for New York

I always knew I wanted to dance.

I always knew I wanted to dance.

You're never too young to start preparing for the future.


DANCE WITH YOUR FEET & PUSH THE FLOOR. When you turn, be sure to roll through all your toes. When you jump, be sure to rely on the pushing foot, not the brushing foot.


FOOTWORK: Your feet are always active; never passive. Work your feet against the floor. Use all the parts of your foot, all the time. Get grounded. Then you will rise to beautiful turns and magical jumps.



TOMBÉ PAS DE BOURRÉE PIROUETTE: If you stop and pose in plié fourth after the pas de bourrée, be sure you “double” the plié. If your supporting knee stops moving, give it another push past your supporting toe so it makes that foot relevé. Push the floor with all your toes, spot, and bring your arms into position.


SECRET OF SUCCESS. The dancers we admire most always continue to grow and enlarge each pose or movement whether slow or fast, on the floor or in the air. They don't hit a pose and hold it. Instead, they send their life force out into space through their fingers, toes, and eyes and touch our hearts. They create unforgettable moments that renew and inspire us.