ARTISTRY IN MOTION #9: Misha Dances the Don Q Solo

Well, what’s left to say? Surely the most magnificent male dancer, ever. Notice how he nails each landing and emphasizes it by remaining in position as long as possible. Also notice how he works as many different levels and directions as possible. Plus, he is so elegant and pure in form. I saw him do this the Met and still get thrills and chills. A human wonder!


Misha & Rudi


Misha head shot

Misha on his leg in the air

Misha rehearses

Misha stretches

2 thoughts on “ARTISTRY IN MOTION #9: Misha Dances the Don Q Solo

  1. He brings the same purity of movement to modern dance pieces thus adding another level from which to learn. I think he will always be a dancer’s dancer. I saw him perform in Sydney with the White Oak Dance Project and since then, have been interested in what he has to say about modern dance e.g this interview with Charlie Rose

  2. Thank you for posting this beautifully executed solo. I often feel that he didn’t get the credit he should have, he was certainly the best in my book!

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