ARTISTRY IN MOTION #12: Makarova & Baryshnikov in Other Dances by Jerome Robbins

Here are Baryshnikov and Makarova in “Other Dances” —the contemporary masterpiece to Chopin—by the great Jerome Robbins. This is your lucky day if you’ve never seen this video. It was never sold as a DVD, and I saw them perform it and recorded it on VHS at the time, but this was before cable and the reception with rabbit ears was poor. Although this recording is not sharp and clear, you can still appreciate the amazing talent of these two great artists.

misha & Natasha play in OD


Misha & Natasha play in OD

natasha & misha in OD in air


Misha & Natasha in OD mid-air

natasha & misha OD arabbesque

Misha & Natasha in OD arabbesque

natasha &misha arms pose in OD


Misha & Natasha arms pose in OD

natasha back bend OD


Natasha back bend OD

natasha solo OD


Natasha solo OD

2 thoughts on “ARTISTRY IN MOTION #12: Makarova & Baryshnikov in Other Dances by Jerome Robbins

  1. A review of the piece mentions Chopin’s Mazurkas. The same review also describes how this version is more dramatic than the version performed by the NY City Ballet. It states that the city ballet version smooths it out, makes it more of a pure-dance display and abstracts certain folk touches to incorporate them into a contemporary neo-classic flow. This version looks like character-dance and is given a personalized classicism. The article states that it is classicism clearly shaped and perfectly placed in the traditional manner but also modernized by their star personalities.

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