Erik Bruhn—the greatest male dancer of his time—danced with The Harkness Ballet of New York in1965. I was in the company at that time and got to know Erik quite well during our rehearsal period at Watch Hill, RI. When The Harkness debuted in Cannes, he mentored me— let me watch him put on his make up, warm up with him backstage, and explained his ideas of costuming and movement. Here’s Erik doing his Don Q Solo in 1961. This great dancer—probably the most super-elegant of all time—had lightning-quick turns, soaring jumps, and perfect line.

This is a superbly interesting video of Erik and Rudi working together in class and trying new jumps.


One thought on “ARTISTRY IN MOTION #11: Erik Bruhn

  1. You know Finis, it is exceptional being a dancer in any place at ay time, beginner or beyond advanced, because we have such a richly textured history from which to draw and expand. These two greats from different backgrounds and cultural learning spheres came together in a studio and conversed about dance in a common language. That is something complete and very special and anyone who is involved with dance in this way is part of that.

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